If you missed one of the best eight-hour-marathon, virtual events of 2016, Amanda Holmes and her team at Chet Holmes International have summarized the key takeaways. Thirteen of the top marketing and sales masters reveal their secrets--from Ken Krogue, president of InsideSales.com, sharing his thoughts on reaching 4X more prospects to Tom Ziglar of Zig Ziglar on living a motivated life. You're going to want to bookmark this page and come back often.

But don't just read and absorb this content--make an action plan to implement this sage advice. As CHI teaches, "It isn't about doing 4,000 things. It's about doing one or two things 4,000 times." So pick one or two initiatives and, with pigheaded discipline and determination, follow through on them until they become habitual. Intellectual curiosity does nothing to help your business grow. Taking massive action on great advice does. So put yourself in a frame of mind ready to drink from the proverbial fire hose of sales and marketing wisdom. Enjoy!

Ken Krogue, president of InsideSales.com--Reaching 4x More Prospects

Chad Kirby, Infusionsoft--Seven Things You Forgot to Automate That Can Double Your Sales


Amanda Holmes, Chet Holmes International, with Shane Hurley--The One Strategy That Increased Appointment Setting 5.5X and Sales Conversions by 38 Percent

way more

Keith Cunningham--Don't Get Big, Get Rich: How to Avoid Dumb Tax

over time.

Brendon Burchard--How to Get Millions to See Your Marketing Messages

Clay Collins--How Leadpages Went From Zero to 40,000 Clients in 2.8 Years


Stacey Hylen, Chet Holmes International--Best Buyer Strategy: The Fastest, Least Expensive Way to Double Your Sales


Tim Paige, Leadpages--The Perfect Sales Funnel


Gene McNaughton, Chet Holmes International--Secrets to Hiring Sales Superstars (Do this one wrong and it'll cost you on average $60,000)

Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji, Divine Bliss International--How to Do the Same Work in Half the Time With Less Stress

Ari Sherbill, PowToon.com--Six Genius Video Hacks That Generate Leads on Demand

Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketer--Three Proven Email Marketing Campaigns You Can "Swipe and Deploy" in Your Own Business

Tom Ziglar of Zig Ziglar--How to Close More Prospects, Increase Productivity, and Stay Motivated

If you found these action ideas useful, I encourage you to check out the full recording of the day. Chet Holmes International has made it available here. While I can attest that this list provides an overview of many of the concepts covered, the full sessions take you a great deal deeper into these powerful concepts, strategies, and tactics. And again, remember, insights without action are useless. It's what you do with this information that will grow your business.