If you read my last article on Tony Robbins, you know that the key difference between the life you're living now versus the life you were meant to live comes down to your own limiting beliefs. Somewhere along the line, you (inadvertently) subscribed to limiting beliefs both personally and professionally.

Examples of Personal Limiting Beliefs

And these are just a few of the hundreds of limiting beliefs that we subconsciously pick up along our path to growth and they become manifest destiny. As Henry Ford said, "If you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right!" And while these personal limiting beliefs hold us back from our personal growth and development, there are just as many professional versions.

Examples of Professional Limiting Beliefs

And again, these are just a few of the hundreds examples to give you an idea of what we're talking about. The trick is to identify the most destructive limiting beliefs for you and your business and eradicate them. How? There are several ways to do this, but one of the most effective ways is a process Tony Robbins calls the "Charles Dickens Process"--which is a visualization process that helps you really see clearly how you have been impacted in the past, the present and, if you don't change, the future, given your limiting beliefs.

Eradicating your limiting beliefs is not just about seeing how those limiting beliefs have impacted your life up to now and are likely to continue to influence your future decisions. It's not enough just to intellectually understand. You need to experience enough emotional pain to want to remove those limiting beliefs and see the truth. With every limiting belief, the truth will set you free.

For example, there is probably one person right now that could change the fortunes of your business. One limiting belief might be, "That person would never take a meeting with us." And often that limiting belief is reinforced by the people around you. Rather than focusing on all the reasons that person won't take a meeting with you, instead focus on the incredible value you can and will provide that person. Take a leap of faith. Find ways to give incredible value without asking for anything in return--or at the very least not up front. What could you do to forever change the life of the person you want to meet with? How could you make that person a raving fan?

As you think about all of these things, you will begin to see the truth and can act accordingly. Will you get stopped by his or her gatekeeper? Of course. That gatekeeper was put in place to stop the undetermined, unmotivated and unwilling from wasting that person's time. So you MUST think differently. You can't do what everyone else has done and expect different results. It won't happen. Instead, use your brilliance to break through. Be creative. Be innovative. Be amazing. Be someone who simply can't be ignored. Be so incredibly valuable to that person that they couldn't imagine not meeting with you. And, most importantly, take action. Great ideas are abundant, but if you really want to stand out, you have to commit. You have to DO it--not just think it.

The most important difference between the successful and the hopeful can easily be seen by the actions that have (or have not) been taken. Many could, but the successful do. And that makes all the difference. So eradicate your limiting beliefs. If you don't think you can do this on your own (which, in itself is a limiting belief) there are many people out there who can help you. When I went to Unleash the Power Within, I was ready for change and so I found exactly what I was looking for--and more. The key is to eradicate your limiting beliefs anyway you can. There's a reason Inc recently named Tony Robbins the most powerful motivational speaker in the world. He lives his beliefs and has worked hard to eradicate his own limiting beliefs. You can, too. Once you do, you will be transformed.