I was in the car on a long multi-hour drive when I first discovered her. Siri Lindley's podcast with Tony Robbins, now one of the most downloaded and listened to episodes, had me tearing up making it almost dangerous to drive. At one point, I had to pull over to compose myself. Siri Lindley was so raw and real. Here she was, a world champion, baring her soul. She was talking about her biggest fears, her embarrassing failures, and what it was like to have to keep quiet about being gay.

As a 2-time ITU World Champion, Siri was recently inducted to the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame. Rarely does a world champion so authentically share her soul. From her early failure in her first triathlon race to feeling pressure not to discuss her sexual orientation as a gay professional athlete, Siri Lindley pulled no punches as she shared her experiences and all the obstacles she had to overcome in order to become a world champion.

Watch Siri Lindley In This Incredible Inspiring Video

In addition to her epic podcast with Tony Robbins, you now have an opportunity to spend 11 inspirational minutes on YouTube watching her tell her story directly to you as part of the She Warriors project. And a She Warrior she is!

In addition to this video (just released last week), and the Tony Robbins podcast I referenced, Siri Lindley also published a powerful book, Surfacing: From the Depths of Self-Doubt to Winning Big and Living Fearlessly. She shares her story of triumph in each of these mediums in order to inspire the millions of people who face daily struggles and ever growing seeds of doubt.

Siri Lindley Inspired Me to Live Legendary

Earlier this year, I had the distinct pleasure and privilege to work with Siri Lindley as my coach. Having my largest and most important client choose not to renew their contract with my company, I was reeling and needed to prove to myself that I was made of the right stuff. I decided to complete a full 140.6 mile Ironman, which was an audacious goal given that the only other triathlon I had ever completed was a "sprint" for a total of 16 miles.

In the 5 months preparing for my Ironman, I completed the most intense training in my life. Monday through Friday, I would get up at 3:30 am every morning for 2-3 hours of training, with an 8-hour training on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday - for 5 months! When my wife saw the toll this training was taking on me, she kindly reminded me, "You know, no one is making you do this. There's nothing stopping you from quitting at any time."

But when I thought about giving up, I could always count on Siri Lindley to inspire me to live legendary and embrace the 4 Steps to Overcome Any Obstacle. Specifically, she helped me reconnect with my why. I wasn't doing something because it was easy, I had signed up for something that would push me to my absolute limit so that I could prove to myself what I was made of. For me, to live legendary is to set an incredibly high bar that is, by anyone else's standards, unreasonable.

Get Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

Another thing that really helped pull me through my training was starting my day with some inspiration. That's why I'm so excited that Siri Lindley participated in the She Warriors project. I had the opportunity to speak with the founder, Jennifer Uteda, and asked her why she has launched this effort. "I want to highlight every day women doing extraordinary things," she told me, and then further shared:

"I want to capture every day women heroes who inspire us all. They all share an inner strength and conviction that drives them to help others. They don't do it to get attention. They just do it because they have to. There's something in them. They are coming into their own power to overcome challenge; to become the amazing person she is. All these women have that in common. I want to inspire young girls and women to overcome their challenges. I make videos to help them see that other women just like them have done it. I make these videos to inspire these young girls and women just starting out; to help them see other women who do amazing things."

And while the target audience may be girls and women, I can tell you that these messages appeal to everyone - men and women of all ages. When you are feeling down or just need a boost, check out this treasure trove of awe-inspiring awesomeness. Watching these women doing extraordinary things inspires you to be the absolute best version of yourself. And, right now, that's what everyone around you wants to see. Enjoy!