In case you missed it, Vincent Dignan's discussion of "growth hacking" was voted the best talk on the subject at this year's South by Southwest V2V conference in Las Vegas. Now, on September 23, he's raising the bar at the Secret Sauce Conference in London, alongside some top entrepreneurs, for a no BS approach to hacking your business to success.

I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Dignan and asked him about what insights he could share with you, his fellow entrepreneurs, to growth hack your businesses to the level of success we're all looking to achieve. Here's what he had to say:

Ignore the Successful Millionaire Cliché Club
Find Any Email Address Online for Free.
Automate Your Email Reminders.
Get a One-Pager on Everyone You're Going to Meet Before You See Them.
Establish a "Trending" Topic on Twitter.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Anyone who has attended a session with Vincent Dignan knows that it's a lean-in experience. This is about practical action steps that you (and any highly motivated entrepreneur) can take to growth hack your business. If you aren't in a position to attend the Secret Sauce Conference in London, I recommend you follow the Twitter feeds of the keynote speakers. I have a feeling that some incredible growth hacks will be shared next week.

And if I'm able to speak to any more of the keynote speakers, I'll certainly share what I learn. (And yes, I acknowledge that this is in direct opposition to the growth hacker's code: You do not talk about growth hacking. "It's like fight club," says Vincent Dignan). Thankfully, he was willing to make an exception today.