While Silicon Valley gets most of the press for attracting the world's best geeks, there are 9 other cities to choose from when looking to attract top engineering, data scientists, programmers and other IT experts into your company according to Mintigo, who recently ranked America's top cities for geeks (see infographic below for details).

As more and more businesses are driven by their ability to build and/or incorporate mission critical technology into their companies, it's important to know where to find the talent you seek. If having a strong bench of technical talent is key to your success, then consider starting your company in one of these top 10 geekiest cities to ensure your continued talent acquisition and long-term prosperity.

Beyond talent acquisition and possible cities to launch your company, what else can you do with this information? Mintigo has some additional predictions based on their findings from this study.

5 Year Predictions from Mintigo:

Silicon Valley is packing up and moving to Texas
We can expect to see self-driving Ford F-250 pick-ups instead of Priuses in 2020
For all you food chains out there--Espresso and Vegetarian food options in the Carolinas, Georgia and Texas are going to be huge
Taylor Swift will perform on the 2020 TechCrunch Disrupt!

While these insights may at first seem a bit farfetched, Mintigo has done a deep dive into the data from the web on millions of companies and using a proprietary algorithm to rank each by the number of tech start-ups, jobs hiring for tech positions, and company deployment of technologies.

Location Does Matter
Each of these cities has unique characteristics that will shape the technology priorities and build outs. In Silicon Valley, for example, the explosive growth of mobile apps and software as a service were sparked by the great foundational work by Apple and Salesforce.com, respectively. New York, famous for its fashion, finance and food (not to mention theater, transportation and a whole host of other industries), will influence which technological problems are focused on, financed and successfully launched. Our nation's capital will no doubt service the technological needs of the political and legal communities, while Boston will have a gravitational pull toward higher education solutions given the 80 colleges in a one-mile radius of its city.

So if you're thinking about where you should start your next company (and you know you're going to need some highly proficient technologists in order to be successful), consider these top 10 geekiest cities and determine which location best suits your talent needs as well as your cultural influences. This should give you a fantastic foundation to build the company you desire.

Published on: Jun 12, 2015
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