Are you giving 100 percent of yourself in everything that you do? That's what it means to Play Full Out, and if you're not doing it, then you are missing tremendous opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

I first heard this idea from Tim Hurja as he was coaching me in preparation for my first Tony Robbins experience. "You get out of this event what you put into it," he said, "so I recommend that you Play Full Out!" And that stuck with me. I think about it just about every day now. When I walk into work, no matter what I was doing moments before, I shift my focus to ensure that I'm giving my absolute best right before I walk through the door.

Why Playing Full Out matters.

When we're exhausted, stressed out, or multitasking, we're not focused on living in the moment. As our to-do list grows to an unmanageable size, we feel overwhelmed by all that we want and need to do. The more we dwell on the past, the more we suffer from feelings of regret. The more we live in the future, the more we suffer from anxiety. The present moment is all that we have and it's really important that we not waste it.

In all of our daily efforts to survive and thrive, we often miss out on being who we truly are and giving our all to the situation right in front of us. Playing Full Out means that we need to focus on giving our mind, body, and spirit to our true purpose and in doing so, we must honor the thing right in front of us, so that we may see clearly what actions we need to take and finish what we set out to accomplish. If you're finding that what you're doing in the moment isn't getting you closer to your true purpose, then find a way to opt out so that you can focus on what matters.

How best to Play Full Out.

Playing Full Out is about keeping your energy high and your focus clear. There are a couple of key things that help me maintain high energy and clear focus throughout my work day. These include:

Beginning each day with a focused meditation
Ditching caffeine
Sitting less throughout the day
Changing my attitude.
Helping others around me do the same.

Whether you are positive or negative, your energy is contagious. When you Play Full Out, you are purposefully focused and energized. You tend not to waffle on difficult decisions and find solutions to problems you previously struggled to solve. If you are willing to make these changes in your life and influence those around you with whom you work most often, you will find that you are shifting your corporate culture to one of empowerment and accountability. And that's great for business.