In last couple of weeks, Google showed a 466% increase of tweets in search results according to Manish Bhalla, the CEO & Founder of FATbit Technologies, but that still accounts for just 4% of the whole Twitter data stream. As of now, the biggest influencers' tweets have the privilege of showing up in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and that could be one reason why the overall count is relatively low.

In collaborating with Manish Bhalla, he advised that it will take some time to gauge the complete influence of tweets showing up in search results. However there are few immediate impacts on businesses he has identified and you should be aware of:

Search Results for Twitter Posts Favor Established Brands and Influencers
Further Drive Consumer Engagement with Real Time Tweets in Search Results
Tweet More to Grow Your Followers and Increase Your Search Relevance
Twitter Links Don't Help Your Page Rank, But Do Help Your Conversion

How Businesses Can Score High on Twitter Influence?

With every update and release, Google looks to improve the quality of user search and this is yet another example that seems to benefit all three parties: Twitter, Google and their customers. Twitter gets more traffic, Google improves on user experience and businesses get more ways to attract their target audience. For businesses with just a few followers the benefit will not be seen until Google applies tweet indexing to all profiles and shows results for more search terms. Or, you can build your Twitter authority now to jump start this opportunity. Either way, it’s time to up your game on content marketing and social media engagement. (See related article, “10 Ways You Build (Or Damage) Your Reputation Online” for more insights and recommendations).

Published on: Sep 4, 2015
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