Many of you read my article on Seth Godin, "Be Remarkable, Be Indispensable, Get Permission, and Oh, by the Way, Your PowerPoint Sucks!" And even if you didn't, I'm sure you've read one of his many bestselling books. But have you taken action on any of the great ideas you read about?

You see, that's the problem that most of us entrepreneurs have. We enjoy reading about great ideas and inspiring stories of growth and prosperity. Intellectually, we know that if we heed the great advice we're reading about, we'll be that much better than we are today. But then we get pulled into the next fire drill and soon these great ideas are forgotten ... replaced by the next set of great ideas in which the cycle repeats itself.

Making Millions on Seth Godin's Ideas
This week, I interviewed Stephen Barnes, CEO of Hong Kong Visa Geeza, who didn't just read all of Seth Godin's books, but he put his ideas to work to build what is now a multi-million dollar visa and immigration application business in Hong Kong. You can listen to the full podcast interview here, or on iTunes. Here's how Stephen put Seth's great ideas to work for his business:

Be Remarkable:
Make Yourself Indispensable:
Being Risky is Safe, Being Safe is Risky:

Seth Godin wants you to steel his ideas.
From his TED talks to his blog to his books, Seth has said in no uncertain terms, "I want you to steal my ideas." The problem is, very few of us actually do. What separates companies that survive from companies that thrive is all about the implementation. Intellectually, we all know what we need to do. The books we read and the conferences we attend all reinforce what we know to be true. But it's not about what we know or even what we say. Success is about the actions we take ... every day!

So I encourage you to take massive action. Don't just intellectualize, actualize. Manifest what you know to be the right things to do. The more actions you take, the closer you will get to your goals. Be brave, my friends, and do what you've been putting off. Implement the things that need to get done and enjoy your next wave of success!