You don't need as much coffee or caffeine as you think. Frankly, you don't need any. This may sound sacrilegious to entrepreneurs, but if you're willing to take a 10 day challenge, you will find that the very thing you thought was giving you all that energy, was in fact doing the opposite.

While there's no question that caffeine is a stimulant, our delusion is centered around the belief that we need this stimulant to get going in the morning and keep us going throughout the day. We buy into this belief because of the way caffeine makes us feel. That stimulant helps us feel more alert and ready to kick off our workday, but what it's actually doing is adding toxins to our body that have the opposite effect of what we're trying to do ... give ourselves more energy so that we can be more productive.

I'm sharing this as part of my personal transformation. I've recently made radical changes in my life including no longer sitting down at my office (I'm down to less than an hour a day, when I used to sit for 8 to 12 hours per day), eating the right foods and cutting out things like caffeine which I used to consume in bulk (I was up to 4 cups a day on average).

Here are the benefits of eliminating caffeine that I've discovered in the LAST 14 DAYS:

Maximum energy:
Less Sleep Required:
Save Thousands:
Increased Alertness:
Weight Loss:

I'm not saying that giving up caffeine is the secret to solving all of your problems. I just think it's time that we acknowledge that caffeine is a vice like every other vice. An alertness or energy "short cut" is often not what we thought it was and the best way to prove this to yourself is to cut it out completely and experience the benefit of a full detox.

I can't say that I have given up coffee and other caffeine beverages for life, but I can say that doing so for the past two weeks have made a tremendous positive impact in my life and I encourage you to explore this for yourself. Something that costs less, energizes you more, requires less sleep, increases your alertness and helps you lose weight all at the same time sounds worth a try--even if it's just for 10 days.