Did you know that today is National 401(k) Day? The thinking behind this being that you started this week with Labor Day and ended the week thinking about your retirement. To celebrate this day and support the movement behind it, I tapped Tom Zgainer, founder and CEO of America's Best 401(k). I first discovered Tom Zgainer in Tony Robbin's latest best-selling book, Money: Master The Game. It was there that I first discovered all the hidden fees sabotaging the bulk of our 401(k) plans (and what you could do about it). You can watch my full interview with Tom Zgainer here:

I really enjoyed the time I spent speaking with Tom Zgainer today and was thrilled when he was able to distill down the 3 simple and easy action steps you can take to figure out exactly how much you're paying in 401(k) fees and what you can do to make sure you're paying the absolute minimum.

Quickly & Easily Discover How Much You're Paying In Fees
It's Your Money
Submit Your 401(k) Disclosure Document ("404A5 Participant Fee Disclosure Form")
Compare the Fees You're Paying for Your 401(k) with Other Comparable Plans

This one is particularly important - especially if you're an owner. Did you know that business owners have a legal obligation to benchmark their 401(k) plans periodically? While you're not required to benchmark every year, you are required to benchmark "periodically". And if you don't, as the business owner, you can be held liable for the negative impact of excessive fees on your employee's 401(k) plans.

I particularly enjoyed the video "How does the 401(k) industry really make their money?" It no wonder that new laws and regulations were sorely needed. It's hard to believe that providers of 401(k) plans were allowed to create a product where the employees of their clients never really understood what fees they were paying. Most employees aren't even aware what fees they pay and how that negatively impacts their retirement.

So while you may not take these steps each and every National 401(k) Day, you would be wise to figure out what fees may be stunting your retirement now while you can still do something about it.