Morgan Field, Amazon bestselling author of Epic Sexy You, wants you to unleash your inner badass. I had an opportunity to interview her about the 6 ways anyone (but especially women) can do just that.

What follows is a summary of Morgan Field's sage advice in her own words so that you can build your own fempire:

Create. Don't Wait

Personally, I am confused as all get out when someone says that it's a disadvantage to be a woman. I cannot even wrap my head around that because it is so far from any belief on my radar! I do not believe that there is any single barrier in my way because I am a woman. I am more like "I am woman, here me ROAR", and "Watch out world, I'm just getting started", and "I'm about to guide a world full of women to the TOP! Let's go ladies!" And you can either come up with a bunch of excuses why I am different than you, and why I have this abundantly overflowing success but you for some reason or another can't have the same thing, or you can join me in this lane of life where thriving is happenin'. Just saying ;)

PS - One of my best friends is a minority. She is a mother of 4. She has her father living in her house to help and support him in through his current medical needs. She is happily married. Has a part time job in sales (just because she needs something to stimulate her mind or she will be bored as hell). She has a Real Estate License. And she runs her own fempire. She is a total BOSS. Thriving in ALL areas of her life. She is my first call when I want to discuss my wild and crazy scary HUGE goals!

Yea, just thought I'd help defy some of your own limitations you may have ladies! You're welcome ;)

Lean in / Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!
Get a crystal clear vision of what you want, and why you want it

Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up. As women, we have a tendency to be so focused on asking everyone around us what they want, that sometimes we forget to ask ourselves - What do I want? Making this question a habit will be a game changer as you create your fempire! What do I want?

Remember: Your first thought is your intuition. Your second thought is your self-doubt. Trust yourself, and trust the first thing that comes through when you ask yourself what you want. This will help you be able to bet on you even when you feel like no one else does. It's not personal when someone doesn't bet on you at first, they just cant see the vision that you have, and trust me when I say that one day they will see the vision too because you will make it come to life and then and only then will they be able to see it! So just do you!

Find and Leverage your Yes AND friends, (and avoid discussing your business with your Yea BUT friends!) Make it a habit to constantly ask yourself - What is something that will feed your fempire, that is SO big that it feels scary and almost unattainable that you could work toward accomplishing in the next 6 months? Something that when you do that thing, your own mind will be blown? (Make it uncomfortable, a bit of a mind riddle, something that you're not even sure how to make it happen, and something that is a massive stretch into the zone of being totally uncomfortable for you! This is where growth happens. It's where unshakable confidence in self and your ability to grow a thriving fempire comes from.)

Then, surround yourself with the friends who when they hear those goals they immediately jump into soul-storming mode and share endless ideas of all the possible ways you could make that happen! Find the people who encourage you to think even bigger! The ones who say, "Yes! Those goals are awesome, AND (you could totally even make that goal post even bigger because you can totally surpass that and here are all the ideas of how you can do that!)

Do it NOW. Beware the "Tomorrow Syndrome" and the "I'll Do it When..." Don't confuse learning with Doing. Most female entrepreneurs that I work with get stuck in the illusion that learning is doing, and I am here to tell you that it is NOT. When I ask my clients to tell me what they are doing this week to move their business forward they tell me about an upcoming program they are attending to learn more about their craft, or a new certification they are getting. When I probe deeper to see how they are connecting with new prospects to get new clients in the door to generate revenue they tell me they are going to do that as soon as the next program concludes or as soon as hey get that next certification.

Redefine what it actually means to move your business forward. And call yourself out on you BS. Learning is one ingredient in the success cocktail, but without the doing and the application and action of the learning your cocktail is total weak sauce.

Make sure you are leveraging what I call the AND Factor! Yes, it is important to continually sharpen your saw, AND at the same time ensure you are continually applying the learning into actions that will actually impact your goals.

For example - Learning how to do sales. VS Picking up the phone and connecting with a prospect. You can learn all you want, but without application there is no fempire!

Do what really matters! Every morning - Ask yourself, "What is the ONE thing that I can do today that will actually move my business forward and make the largest impact on my ability to achieve the fempire goals I have mapped out for the next 6 months?" and DO that NOW! Today!!! Make it happen! WOO! Work it!

Be Mindful, Intentional, and Purposeful Where your Focus Goes. Where your Focus Goes, your Energy Flows. Are you focusing on the solution? Or are you focusing on the problem? These two variations of investments of your energy will yield wildly different outcomes! Focus on the solution! (And NOT the perceived problem).

Are you focusing on the progress you've made, all the things you've achieved, and all of the reasons you are a super unstoppable badass? Or are you focusing on how much further you have to go? Again, each has a world of difference in what you experience in your life as a result of where your energy flows.

Focus on the progress!! (And NOT how much further you have to go).

Focus on celebrating yourself! Make an "I ROCK Box!" For those moments where you are feeling stuck and find yourself focusing on how much further you feel you have to go to achieve your goals. Fill the box with things that represent past goal posts that have been achieved. For example I have Certifications in there, Awards won (most trophies are out on display, so I have mementos in my box that represent each Award I've won), printouts of articles I've been featured in, a memento for the Amazon #1 Best Seller achievement, a memento of leaving a job that most people thought I was crazy to leave (and boy did that decision pay off tenfold for me), a memento of working with a world renown Life Coach on their retreat team and making the decision to leave so I could chase my own fempire dreams (again, that reminds me of how my decision, that looked crazy to the outside world, has paid off in ways beyond my wildest dreams !), a board that I broke (reminds me how much badassery I am!), etc.

Be epic! Create an EPIC life that you LOVE living - Where you pinch yourself because it is so AWESOME that you wonder if it is even real.

Published on: Sep 14, 2016
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