The New York Times has referred to Subir Chowdhury as a "leading Quality Expert". Recently, Chowdhury and his team helped save one of his Fortune 100 clients a whopping $3 Billion dollars. Then he told their senior leaders why he was certain that he would be back doing the exact same thing in 10 years or less.

"I have saved companies billions over the years," says Chowdhury, "and yet I can tell you why most process improvement projects fail. A process is only as good as the culture of the people who choose to adopt it. Without a culture that nurtures a caring mindset, the greatest process in the world will produce lackluster results."

When "Good Enough" Isn't

In his 15th book, The Difference, Chowdhury brilliantly tells emotionally charged stories that vividly illustrate the difference between great process and great culture supported by great process. Then he delivered the ultimate in simplicity with what he refers to has his STAR principles, which allow any person or company to develop a caring mindset.

"It is my hope," says Chowdhury, "that the STAR principles will help you to develop a caring mindset, one that will enable you to overcome "good enough" thinking, make a difference in your interactions with others, and allow you to enjoy a more successful, happier, and more fulfilled life and career."

Before I jump into what these STAR principles are, I should tell you that I really enjoyed my Skype interview with Chowdhury. If you want to get a sense of the incredible man behind theses insights, the full interview is available to you.

STAR Principles for Developing a Caring Mindset

Over the past 23 years of my marketing career, I have come to understand the paradox of simplicity. Something that is incredibly simple requires a lot of energy to get it that way. The simpler something is, the easier it is to embrace and make part of your way of life. And yet, some people dismiss simplicity prematurely, opting for the complex; the assumption being that the more challenging something is, the better it must be (when the opposite is usually true).

I share this, because Chowdhury is the real deal. He's saved Fortune 100 companies billions of dollars and very few others on the planet can make that claim. So I urge you to embrace these 4 simple principles today - both personally and professionally. You will see improvements quickly.

Being Straightforward
Being Thoughtful
Being Accountable
Having Resolve

For more depth to each of these principles, I urge you to pick up The Difference. At 132 pages, there is NO excuse not to absorb these incredible insights in depth - either on your next flight or relaxing on the beach.

Two Final Quotes From Two of My Favorite People

I will leave you with two of my favorite people's assessment of this book. The first from my mentor, Jay Abraham, who says, "Subir has simplified the true meaning of business life with his gripping, haunting - yet disarmingly liberating - book. Readers completing the last page of The Difference will entirely be transformed - you will be quite different from the person you were when you began the journey!"

And on the front cover quote from my friend, Tony Robbins, who says, "If you're looking to create breakthroughs in your business and in your life, this book is for you." Remember, if you want to be a great leader, you need to be more intentional about how you are with other people. Read this book. It will change your life.