In her last interview, Marji J Sherman shared her secret to building a large Twitter following of more than 100,000 followers (she's now over 130,000 as of the posting of this article). This week, I invited Marji J Sherman onto our new marketing podcast, The Growth Factor, for a deeper dive discussion around how entrepreneurs can best leverage Twitter for the growth of your business. (Note: If you'd like to listen to the full episode of the podcast, it's 22 minutes of in-depth content).

Here are Marji J Sherman's key insights and best practices for using Twitter to grow your business:

Schedule Your Twitter Time
Follow The People You Admire
Listen First
Add Value
Be Yourself:
Just Don't Overshare
Keep Focused on Growing Your Business:

Once again, Marji J Sherman provides a wealth of social media insights and demonstrates why she has over 130,000 followers on Twitter. To hear these insights first hand, I encourage you to listen to the full episode of the podcast, and then take action by joining in the conversation on Twitter.