What can entrepreneurs take away from two giants in the industry coming together?

Size Matters
Significant Cost Savings:
include an estimated $1.5 billion in annual cost savings
Access to New Shelf Space In Existing Stores:

Access to New Distribution Channels:

While mergers are never "easy" to pull off, you can see how both companies will benefit from each other's strength. And, that really is the point of doing the merger in the first place. Perhaps the most important lesson for entrepreneurs is how to look at your competitors differently. If you can find the synergies and focus on where you complement each other (rather than just where you compete and overlap), chances are you can find ways for both companies to grow and thrive.

While every deal is different, it's a good idea to see what can be applied to your business when two massive and iconic brands decide to merge after going it alone for so many years. What else can we learn from this merger? If you have some insights you'd like to share, please use the comment section below or reach out to me on Twitter @BillCarmody.

Tanie Andraos, lead business intelligence analyst for ECRM Data, contributed to this article.