As a kid, every Saturday morning I would leap out of bed to watch my favorite cartoon, Super Friends. Each superhero had a unique superpower that would be used to solve that week's challenge. If it was about strength, you knew Superman would fly into action. If it was about having exactly the right technology, Batman and Robin were there to save the day. If there was some oceanic adventure, you knew it was Aqua Man's turn. And if the truth needed to come out, Wonder Woman was there with her magic lasso.

As you get older, the demands of work, family, and life pull you away from that wonderful world of make-believe. But lately, at conferences and during networking events, I've been hearing more and more people talk openly about their own "superpowers."

As it turns out, a real-life superpower doesn't need to come from comic books. It just has to be a special enough skill that everyone around you can easily recognize it. Such a talent ranges from the ability to fix any computer or a mobile phone to heart-felt gratitude in an age of mediocrity. Here are some recent examples of superpowers that are likely to resonate:

The truth is, every single one of us has a superpower that we were born with. Often we hold ourselves back, because we don't want to feel like we're bragging or appear narcissistic. But the world needs your superpower. You were born with a unique set of creative talents that only you can tap into. Your business can only succeed if you harness this superpower and use it to make the world better. Don't deny who you are. By getting in touch with what makes you unique and special, you can unleash your superpower and with it a virtually unlimited amount of untapped opportunity.

To put your superpower to good use, start by writing down what it is that makes you unique and special. Embrace those attributes. And, if you're struggling to articulate them, don't hesitate to ask your friends and colleagues what they see in you: both why they enjoy working with you and what they see as untapped potential. Then hone those skills and just keep making them better. Before you know it, you will be unstoppable and your reputation will proceed you.

Own your superpower and support the superpowers of your friends and colleagues. Together, you'll create your own team of superfriends solving the worlds' problems.