Are you procrastinating right now? This article will help you refocus your efforts so that you can accomplish the things that really matter to you. When you find yourself saying, "I just don't have time for that," what you're really saying is that you're not committed to that task. There's a very good reason why.

Who am I going to be this week?

Your language and association will either motivate you or de-motivate you. If you say to yourself, "I'm going to be Super Dad this week," then you are going to approach helping your kids with homework or taking them to their afterschool activities very differently.

In business, you can either embrace your title or come up with different roles you can play throughout the day. Let's say you are working to build your culture. CEO may be your title, but what if you referred to yourself as the Creator of Raving Fans. Wouldn't that role get you more excited to motivate and engage your team?

What must I get done?

Asking this question is another way to feel the full force of the tyranny of your to-do list (see "3 Reasons Your To Do List Is Stunting Your Growth"). This is one of those questions that puts you in a negative space, as you're most likely feeling chronically behind. Between your work duties, family duties, friends, and several other roles, your desire to get multiple things done is one of the reasons you feel overwhelmed and lacking in commitment.

Different questions give you different results.

Instead, ask better questions that motivate you towards the outcomes you seek. Contrast "Who am I going to be this week?" with "What must I get done?" The child-like role-playing focus will speak to your inner spirit and emotional center, while the desire to check things off a to-do list will leave you feeling overwhelmed and a bit empty.

Instead of focusing on the immediate task you must accomplish, think about the overall outcome that this task will lead you toward. It's much easier to get excited about the ultimate outcome and see how this individual task ladders up to your desired result. When you're finding yourself overwhelmed and distracted, think about the one thing you really must accomplish today no matter what and focus on what achieving that result will do for you personally and professionally.

"I have to" versus "I get to."

Lastly, reframe the "I have to's" with "I get to's" (see "Replace 'I Have To' With 'I Get To'"). It's all a matter of perspective. When you "get" to do something, you are coming from a place of appreciation of your circumstances. When you feel like you "have" to do something, you feel forced and unappreciative of all that you have accomplished in your life. Small changes in word choices will do wonders for your motivation and ensure that you accomplish the very things that will deliver the outcomes you seek.