Whether you're traveling for business or for pleasure these days, air travel is--well, let's just say it's an experience.

Meantime, almost everyone is carrying a smartphone with a video camera--and an instant connection to social networks, YouTube, and columns like this one.

It doesn't take much to make a video go viral these days. So in the aftermath of the recent Delta Airlines flight video, and the woman who recorded it, here are 10 other airplane passenger videos that took on a life of their own.  

1. Feet on armrest

Let's start with this one. This was a Nevada woman's video, posted to Facebook, showing the passenger behind her resting her feet on the woman's armrest. It's simple, relatable--and has 25 million views.

2. United Airlines passenger dragged off plane

Of course, this is the granddaddy of them all: the April 2017 video in which United Airlines had a passenger dragged off a plane and bloodied, to make room for a United employee. This particular version has 24.3 million views, but there are many others, too.

3. American Airlines flight attendant hits passenger with stroller

This video shows the aftermath of the incident, but it has 7.7 million views. A flight attendant reportedly hits a woman with a stroller, narrowly misses a baby, and at one point tries to goad a first class passenger into hitting him. The passenger who was hit was escorted from the plane. Afterward, the flight attendant was suspended.

4. Trump supporter berated

A passenger was removed from a plane, apparently just after the presidential inauguration in 2017, after she verbally harassed a Trump-supporting passenger. She'd allegedly learned of his affiliation by asking whether he'd been in the DC area to "cheer or protest." It's up to 7.3 million views.

5. Midair fight on plane to Los Angeles 

Two passengers were recorded fighting aboard on All Nippon Airways flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles. It's unclear exactly how many views this got, as the person who posted it, Corey Hour, apparently took it down. But he later said on Twitter, "CNN, ABC, FOX, BBC,CBS every single news station world wide has reached out."

6. RyanAir passenger jumps out on wing

A super-budget carrier RyanAir passenger apparently grew impatient after his delayed flight from London to Spain, and decided to disembark via the emergency exit. Somehow this only has 224,000 views, but it deserves more.

7. Extraordinarily happy astronomer aboard Alaska Airlines flight during eclipse

"In a moment similar to that of the 'double rainbow' viral video, an astronomer on an Alaska Airlines flight is overcome with glee while witnessing a total solar eclipse on Mar. 8.," the Washington Post wrote.

8. Indian passenger tackled by ground crew

The passenger "got into an argument with the staff after being told to stay clear of a truck next to the aircraft. Due to the noise on the tarmac, it seems [he] misunderstood the staff, thought they were being rude, and used some expletives in response," according to Travel and Leisure.

9. Little kids dance-off with Southwest employee

A wave from a Southwest Airlines ground employee turns into a dance-off, as little girls aboard a plane start laughing, mimicking, and dancing right back. The video had "hundreds of thousands of views" according to one news report, although this version only comes in at about 50,000.

10. Southwest passenger dragged off plane

The airline apologized to the passenger, "who was recorded being pulled off a Los Angeles-bound flight after she told the crew she had a life-threatening pet allergy."