The waiting is over: the new Star Wars movie is finally premiering. Here are 20 numbers that illustrate just how influential and iconic the series has been (along with a couple of numbers that are just interesting or fun).

(Got another suggestion that should have been on this list? Let me know.) 

1: 38.5

Number of years passed between the original Star Wars and The Force Awakens (only 30 years in story time, though). To put this in perspective, The time between the original Star Wars and now is basically the same time in the other direction between the original Star Wars and Gone With the Wind, which came out in 1939.

2: 40 million 

Number of Star Wars-themed toys that Kenner Products toy company sold in 1978. Total value: about $100 million. (If you don't know the crazy story of how Kenner actually sold empty toy boxes because they couldn't meet demand in time for Christmas 1977, check it out here.)

3: 100%

Percentage of the ancillary rights that Lucas kept after he sold the film rights to 20th Century Fox. In other words, when Kenner bought the toy license--and later when Disney bought the whole thing--Lucas got richer and richer.

4: 83,120%

Percent increase in value of an unopened, original 1978 Star Wars Luke Skywalker action figure. Retail price back then: $2.99. One sold for $25,000 at a New York City auction last week.

5: Zero

Amount that Carrier Fisher made from all those Princess Leia action figures. 

"I was 19 ... I signed away my likeness for free," Fisher later said. "I wonder if Natalie Portman is getting more money than the none I'm getting."

6: 5 years

Length of time it took rival toy company Mego, which turned down the chance to get the Star Wars toy licensing deal, to file for bankruptcy. The company had completely dissolved by 1983.

7: $11 million

Original production budget for Star Wars: A New Hope. 

8: $798 million

Generally accepted overall worldwide box office take for A New Hope. Prior to this movie, 20th Century Fox had never made more than $37 million in its history. 

9: $200 million

Total reported production budget for The Force Awakens.

10: $50 million

Amount The Force Awaken had already taken in via ticket pre-sales--by Thanksgiving, four full weeks before its premiere.

11: $4.3 billion

Combined revenue of the first six Star Wars movies combined.

12: $4 billion

Price Disney paid to buy the entire franchise from Lucasfilm in 2012.

13: $7.5 billion

Total estimated revenue Disney could see from The Force Awakens, according to various media estimates--including ticket sales worldwide, merchandise, licensing, and retail revenue.

14: 4,000

Total number of theaters at which Star Wars: The Force Awakens is slated to be shown at its premiere Dec. 18. 

15: 250,000

Total number of people around the world who claim to be members of the Church of Jediism. 

16: 7' 2"

Height of Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the original movies.

17: 6 inches

Difference in height between the young adult Anakin Skywalker as played by Haden Christensen (six-foot-one), and Darth Vader (decades-old spoiler alert: same character) as played by David Prowse (six-foot-seven). 

18: 350

Total number of special effects shots in the original Star Wars. Compare it to 2,200, which is the total number of digital special effects shots in Episode III.

19: 30

Body count in The Empire Strikes Back, which is the least violent of the films. Compare it to 115 in Episode III, or 2 billion--apparently the number of people on Alderaan when it's destroyed by the Death Star--in Episode IV.

20: 1

Number of Academy Award nominations the entire Star Wars franchise has received in the directing, acting, and writing categories (for Sir Alec Guinness's portrayal of Obi Wan Kenobi in A New Hope)--with no wins, although the franchise does have several awards for sound, makeup, special effects and the like.