Remember back when you had to wait until the Super Bowl to watch Super Bowl commercials? Now, brands that pay millions for to run ads during the big game actually want you to see them ahead of time.

By my count, in fact, at least 24 Super Bowl advertisers have offered ad previews on YouTube. 

(Please! If you find one I missed, please let me know and I'll update this article. I guess I'll have to change the headline too, but that's okay--and you'll get credit, of course.)

1. Audi

Let's start with this Audi ad, which will make you feel for retired astronauts, wonder why we stopped trying to travel in space, feel wistful for David Bowie--and maybe want to test drive a "205 mph Audi R8."


2. The NFL itself

You know how after a blizzard everyone jokes about all the babies that will be born in nine months? This "Super Bowl Babies" ad by the NFL is about babies conceived the night of the various Super Bowls--accompanied by Seal. Favorites: 2014 Seattle fans; 1967 Packers.


3. Shock Top

Hey, it's the bearded guy from Silicon Valley trading insults with a beer tap! 


4. Squarespace

This one is just a preview. Michael Key and Jordan Peele for Squarespace. Hopefully the real ad will be funnier.

5. Acura

You know what sells cars? Aging rockers. Van Halen for Acura.

6. Hyundai

No wait, you know what sells cars? Kevin Hart. 


7. Wix

This one is a tie-in with the movie KungFu Panda 3. It gets credit for parodying Super Bowl ads of years gone by.

8. Kia

My bad--you know what sells cars? Aging actors. Christopher Walken for Kia.


9. Avocados from Mexico

Everyone likes avocados. Also, it's funny, with a cameo from Scott Baio.


10. Adobe Marketing Cloud

This ad is about a guy who wasted millions on a Super Bowl ad. 


11. AXE

Innocuous, which is probably better than terrible.

12. Bud Light

Okay, this really is just a commercial for a commercial. But, we'll watch. That's what we do.

13. Mini USA

Interesting rebranding exercise, with Serena Williams, Abby Wambach, Tony Hawk, Harvey Keitel, and others.

14. Skittles

Steven Tyler for Skittles. Because you know what sells candy? Aging rockers.


15. T-Mobile

Drake mocks his dance moves in this ad about T-Mobile data plans.

16. Snickers

In the latest edition of an ad series that debuted with Betty White and the late Abe Vigoda in 2010, Willem Dafoe stars as Marilyn Monroe. Has this ad run its course?


17. Rocket Mortgage

An ad that's really an economics lesson--well, if you're of a certain political persuasion anyway.


18. LG

What sells... er, whatever this ad is selling? Aging actors. (Also aging directors, as it was exec produced by Ridley Scott, who did the classic 1984 Apple commercial--yes, 31 years ago.)


19. Honda

Here's your prize for sticking with this story all the way down to ad #19: a bunch of sheep singing Queen's Somebody to Love.

20. Pokemon

For #20, Pokémon marks its 20th anniversary. If you grew up in the 1990s, you'll get it.


21. Amazon Echo

Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino working on their party plans. Apparently it's Amazon's first Super Bowl commercial--although I could have sworn I remembered these TV ads from somewhere around 1999.

22. Budweiser 

Quote highlight from Helen Miren: "If you drive drunk, you, simply put, are a short-sighted, utterly useless, oxygen-wasting, human form of pollution--a Darwin-award deserving, selfish coward."

23. Hyundai

Ryan Reynolds plays 74 roles in this commercial. Because you know what sells cars?

24. SoFI Loans

Finally, this ad for loans suggesting roughly 79 percent of viewers aren't good enough to become their customers.