Lovable scamp Jeff Bezos, the one-time bookstore owner whose company now sells pretty much everything in the world, has had a pretty good 2018 so far.

How good? Well, his personal net worth increased $6 billion in the first five trading days of the year.

(Sorry--this just in, a correction: $6.1 billion. That extra $.1 billion is $100 million. Not nothing.)

You know how this math works: Amazon's stock has continued to jump so far this year, from . Bezos owns about 17 percent of it. 

So his net worth jumped, too. By billions.

He was already the world's richest person (as long as you don't count Vladimir Putin). Some reports said he's the richest person in history, but it appears that might not be true.

But it's still a lot of money. More than Bill Gates was ever worth, even before he started giving his fortune away.

And it's fun putting this into perspective. That $6.1 billion is:

  • what you and your spouse would make in 83,561 years (assuming you make the average U.S. combined salary of $73,000 a year)
  • more than the GDP of 42 entire countries
  • enough to buy an Amazon Echo for every household in the United States
  • way more than Donald Trump is worth, even now, according to Forbes.

This is the part of the column where I try to inoculate myself against trolls by pointing out that I'm no communist, and that I don't begrudge Bezos his fortune. Amazon is truly an amazing company, and I've made good money over the years from the platform myself.

Well, good money from my perspective anyway--most of it through the affiliate program. If you're smart enough to have bought the company's stock, you're probably doing well, too.

It's just that $6.1 billion is a staggering sum. 

But not that staggering, in one respect. Because it's actually a little bit less than Bezos made in just 5 minutes back in October.