If you own a business, how good a place do you think it is for your employees to work? And if you work for someone else, how much do you appreciate your workplace?

Inc. wanted to know, so our team asked 139,251 employees across the United States to rate their workplaces. With record low unemployment, Inc.'s Best Workplaces in 2019 are the kinds of companies that have a leg up on their competition. 

Employment engagement company Quantum Workplace conducted the survey on Inc.'s behalf, evaluating topics like "trust, management effectiveness, perks, and confidence in the future."

The most interesting trends that moved employees to push their employers higher on the list included perks like: onsite medical providers, team-wide trips to fun destinations like beaches or mountains, good health benefits, paid sabbaticals (really!), offices that welcome pets, and stress-relief breaks built into the workday.

Among the big winners:

  • Defense contractor  IntelliGenesis
  • Service­Titan, a software platform and mobile app that helps entrepreneurs in the service trades operate their businesses
  • Leadership coaching company  BetterUp
  • Bogue Banks, a North Carolina logistics company
  • Bombas, a $100 million-a-year company making high-end socks
  • Tripleseat, an events-management-software company in Boston

Plus these five other honorable mention companies. Congratulations to all the companies that made the list.

And on behalf of your employees, thank you.

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