Some people were very excited when Amazon said half of its HQ2 pseudo-headquarters was coming to New York City. For example, the Amazon employees who had been buying nearby condos before the announcement were probably thrilled.

But since then, the reaction probably hasn't been what Amazon was hoping for. In fact, it seems like there's danger of a full-on backlash. 

Last week, a big New York labor union blasted Amazon for "deadly" and "dehumanizing" employment practices. Next, the New York City Council is holding three days of hearings on just what New York had to give up to convince Amazon to expand.

And while she hasn't even been sworn in yet, the newest member of the New York congressional delegation, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has emerged as a vocal Amazon critic.  

Amazon has a plan though. Its first reported move: belatedly trying to hire public affairs firm SKDKnickerbocker to try and shape opinion and smooth things over politically.

Really? Only now? Did Amazon truly not see the potential for this kind of reaction?

Silver lining for everyone else: If you're worried about big tech companies becoming these omniscient giants who know what we'll want even before we do, it's almost reassuring to see them miss this one.

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