What is covfefe?

It's only the end of May, and we may well have just experienced the defining American moment of the year. It involves the "word" covfefe--along with President Trump, and social media. For a few short hours, almost the entire waking (and tweeting) population of our nation was united on one thing: finding a definition for the pseudo-word "covfefe."

Even a misspelling of covfefe started trending: "cofveve," with the "v" and the "f's" reversed.

It started just after midnight East Coast time, when President Trump took to Twitter, and left this cryptic tweet:

"Despite the constant negative press covfefe"

I'd link to the actual tweet, but (spoiler alert) it's since been deleted.

That was it--no context or completion. My guess, for what it's worth, is that Trump was trying to write the phrase "press coverage"--but then, um...I don't know. The National Security Council had an emergency meeting or he dozed off or something.

Within minutes, of course, Internet speculation took off.

  • Was covfefe a code word?
  • Had Trump suffered a seizure while tweeting?
  • Did his lawyers tell him to drop his phone RIGHT NOW?

For a few hours, while most of us were likely sleeping, things went crazy. Americans were united: What does covfefe mean? It's now one of the most-favorited and most-retweeted of Trump's posts, which is really saying something. There are thousands of search results for the word, which didn't even exist yesterday, on Google.

The folks at the Merriam-Webster dictionary say it suddenly became the most-searched for word on their site. (There's no listing.)