What was the holiday party like at your office this year? Did it cost millions, or else give your employees a sneak peak at the most-anticipated movie of the decade?

No? Then I guess you don't work in Silicon Valley.

Here's a peek at some of this year's most extravagant, outrageous, over-the-top holiday parties at the highest-valued tech companies. Harmless fun or signs of a bubble that's about to burst? Let me know what you think.

Yahoo & The Great Gatsby

This one has made headlines. Yahoo may be troubled and faltering, but it's willing to ride the knife's edge on irony. The Bubble 1.0 survivor, hosted an extravagant Great Gatsby-themed party that reportedly cost the company between $2 million and $7 million. (I know that's a big range.) As described in Bloomberg Business:

Champagne towers, aerial dancers, and chandeliers made Yahoo's party a much-talked-about event. The spectacle was especially striking in the context of the company's recent troubles and the pressure mounting on Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

At the event, Mayer put on a happy face while employees crowded around her for photos. In various shots posted online, she is pictured sitting regally on an ornate white chair adjacent--but not too close--to excited employees.

Uber's silent disco

As described by Business Insider, "the ride-hailing company rented out the Pier 27 cruise terminal in San Francisco and transformed it into a silent disco party. There was an open bar, a doughnut station, and plenty of headphones passed around so employees could groove."


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Star Wars screenings

Maybe you've seen The Force Awakens by now, but two weeks ago this was a huge deal. A few tech companies managed to get early previews of the blockbuster movie, at least a day or two the rest of the proletariat had the chance. Linkedin employees got to see it the night before the opening, for example. 

"We had food and drinks, onsite gifts such as lightsabers and a raffle for a Sphero BB-8," a spokeswoman told IBTimes.com. "Early birds to the screening also received Stormtrooper 3D glasses."

Facebook, Dropbox and Twitter

  • "Dropbox rented the Masonic music venue in San Francisco for a live show with indie-pop artist St. Lucia. It hasn't been all cheer for the cloud storage company since Fidelity Investments and BlackRock wrote down the value of their holdings this year. ..."
  • "Twitter, which cut staff in October, put up tents and a DJ stand on the AT&T Park baseball field where the San Francisco Giants play. ..."
  • "Facebook went all-out for its 1920s theme party, complete with a trapeze-swing performer evoking Nicole Kidman's opening scene in Moulin Rouge."