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I wrote yesterday about the shutdown. My take was that while it's a tragedy for many Americans, it's having less of an effect on many entrepreneurs and business leaders.

But maybe there's another angle I'm not considering.

I've actually been a federal employee several times: a trial attorney for the Department of Justice, an Army officer, and a reporter for the government-owned newspaper Stars and Stripes, back in the day.

So I certainly have sympathy for federal workers who aren't getting paid--and for the ordinary Americans who rely on government programs that just aren't running during the shutdown.

I've been hearing all day about business owners and leaders who say the shutdown is hurting them as well--and who took issue with my idea that it's not really hurting entrepreneurs.

Granted, my colleague Ami Kassar wrote today about how the 300 SBA loans each day that aren't being processed means that a lot of small and medium-size businesses have seen expansion plans squelched, or at least delayed. (Delayed might well equal denied in some of these cases.)

And I've heard from entrepreneurs, both via email and on Facebook, who say that many companies that aren't technically considered federal contractors nevertheless rely on sales to government and government employees. Obviously, those are way down during a shutdown. 

There are also the larger macro-effects too, of course: things like delayed tax refunds, $5 billion a month in federal employee salaries that aren't being paid (and spent), longer lines at the airport, and many other ramifications.

We try to stay away from politics in this newsletter, but no matter where you land in terms of who's to blame for the shutdown, which I don't think anyone expected just a month ago, I hope we can agree on one thing. We'd all be a lot better off tomorrow if it were to end. 

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