You know how Facebook does those year-in-review videos and drops them into people's news feeds?  

The Guardian in London put a parody version together for Facebook itself for 2018. 

It has some nice touches: "You made a new friend!" the video proclaims, before showing a picture of Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie.

Then, it proclaims that April 10 "was a big day for you!" before showing a photo of Mark Zuckerberg, nervously sipping water during his Congressional testimony this year.

The only problem with this kind of satire of course, comes when truth becomes stranger than fiction, and facts outpace our capacity for parody. 

Even as this video was being posted to YouTube, Facebook was enduring yet another round of horrid headlines, including allegations that it let other large tech companies have access to more user data than it let on, and news that the attorney general of Washington, DC was suing the company over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

It all takes a toll. The company's stock dropped more than 7 percent in a day, and it lost a staggering $28 billion in market capitalization. To put that in perspective, it's like losing the entire value of its rival, Twitter, in 24 hours. 

In other words, it was one of the worst days, in a pretty bad year. Oh well, Facebook, 2019 is just around the corner.

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Published on: Dec 20, 2018
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