I love IKEA. There, I said it. So much for objectivity, but it's important to disclose. 

I love the affordability, the designs, and the funky names. Frankly, I love the nostalgia--because I've advanced a bit in life to where I actually don't think I have any actual IKEA furniture in my house anymore. But when I was a little younger and starting out, and I needed the Swedish furniture giant, they were there for me.

There's one thing I've never loved, however, and that I think very few people do: the fact that buying furniture from IKEA usually means anywhere between 15 minutes and a few hours worth of frustrating assembly.

Now, however, IKEA is announcing a solution that could fix this annoying issue.

On Tuesday, IKEA said it's launching a service to let customers set up an appointment with a Task Rabbit assembly "tasker" while they're still at IKEA.

IKEA acquired TaskRabbit last year. Rather than pay by the hour, the new program lets customers pay a flat assembly fee that varies based on the items they want assembled, starting at $36.

The service has rolled out already in New York City, San Francisco, and apparently some locations in the United Kingdom. IKEA says its customers in those locations have reacted positively. 

However, one tasker interviewed by CNBC said "she was not a fan of the new pricing model ... [and that she] had assembled IKEA furniture before but was paid significantly less for the same job [now] under the IKEA name." 

Increased volume should make up for the lower hourly rate, according to IKEA. I guess it all depends on how much time taskers want to devote to the job.

Two years ago I wrote an article about how to quickly put together what I call a "lifeboat career."  This is a quick strategy to earn at least $40,000 a year when somebody's starting from zero. 

No, forty grand isn't much, but it's a bit over the average head of household income in the U.S. And if you're laid off from work, or just graduating without a job, it's maybe enough to stay afloat. 

I mention all this because what was the gig I kept coming back to, that could keep someone afloat? Signing up on TaskRabbit, or one of its competitors like Postmates or Zaarly, and specifically assembling IKEA furniture.

Reportedly, it's the number-one most popular service offered on the website.

Published on: Mar 14, 2018
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