We live in a divided time, but in the last 24 hours I have finally discovered the one thing that unites the entire country.

It's a pure, unadulterated hatred of daylight savings time (or more accurately, hatred of the practice of shutting off daylight savings time during the fall, only to back to it the following spring).

You're likely reading this either just before going to bed Saturday, or else Sunday after turning the clocks back. It's quite possible you got an extra hour of sleep out of the deal.

But my friend, you're going to pay for it big time.

I wrote about this yesterday, spelling out a fairly lengthy list of reasons why turning the clocks back is an abomination. But since then, I've suddenly seen story after story elsewhere making the exact same point.

To be clear, I'm not suggesting that I started this or that any of these writers are copying me. I read some diatribes from years past in researching my article. And I think even some of the anti-clock-turning takes I've seen today were at least written, if not always published, before mine.

But the real point is that it's almost impossible to find anyone who still supports this insane, anachronistic idea, which is leftover from a German coal conservation idea during World War I, and our heck-we'll-try-anything panic during the energy crisis of the 1970s.

Literally everyone hates it. A few of representative articles (these are the headlines I've seen today alone):

  • Daylight saving time needs to be abolished - Let's stop the insanity (Fox News)
  • 7 Reasons Canada Should Get Rid Of Daylight Saving Time (MTLBlog, Canada)
  • Daylight Saving Is Horrible And Expensive, So Let's End It. (Forbes)
  • Why We Have the (Objectively Terrible) Daylight Saving Time (The Manual)
  • Five ways Daylight Saving Time went badly wrong (The Weather Channel)
  • Daylight Saving Time is super unpopular. Here are the countries trying to ditch it. (The Washington Post)
  • And of course my own: It's Official: Turning the Clocks Back Is a Very Stupid Idea Based on a 100-Year-Old Mistake. (So Why Are We Still Doing It?) (Inc.com)

That's just in the past couple of hours. Seriously, Fox News and The Washington Post come down on the same side on this one. How often does that happen?

Again, people might be slightly divided on whether we should keep the clocks adjusted the way do during the spring in summer, or else pare them back to the original, non-daylight savings time format. 

But the virtually universal position is that whichever one we pick, we should stick with it. We don't go around suddenly announcing that November is October all over again, right?

By the way, I heard from a friend who shall remain nameless, but who wanted to correct my Saturday article about daylight savings time. It's Daylight Saving Time, this so-called friend insisted, not daylight savings time, with an "s" at the end of savings, as I'd written it a few times in the article.

You know what, my friend? Nobody cares. Because nobody likes daylight savings time to begin with.