A new survey finds Millennials blame Boomers for ruining America--even before they were even born, apparently.

Perhaps more surprising? The sheer number of Boomers who agree with them. And, GenXers like myself aren't exactly eager to let them off the hook either.

Working with SurveyMonkey, Axios polled 4,638 Americans about their opinions on a broad range of topics, including politics, the opioid crisis--and their feelings about Boomers. We'll take the generational analysis first.

"Beset by big college loans, inheriting two wars, and facing an uncertain future of work, a majority of millennials say baby boomers have made things worse for them -- and a lot of boomers agree," as Axios's Steve Levine summarized.

Overall, a majority (51%) of respondents aged 18-34 said they thought that "the policies and actions undertaken by the Baby Boomer generation" had made things worse for America.

Another 33% of Millennials said the impact of Boomers on the country had been neutral; only 13% credited Boomers with leaving the country better than they'd found it. 

Even Boomers aren't great fans of Boomers, however. The breakdown was that 30% agreed they'd been a net negative on America, slightly less than the 32% who thought they'd made things better. Another 38% said "no difference" or "no opinion." 

(For GenXers, who I'm including here as a parenthetical afterthought, because that's how we've been treated our whole damn lives, 19% thought Boomers had had a positive impact, 42% thought of them as a negative, and 39% total could not articulate a difference.)

"The generational divide could turn into political rivalry as the generations compete for limited tax dollars," Axios continued. "[M]illennials seeking government help as automation takes hold, and boomers insisting on promised levels of Social Security and Medicare."

And because this was partly a politically focused study, here's the politics, too.

When it comes to President Trump, only 33 percent of Millennials either strongly approved (14%) or somewhat approved (19%) of him. Fully 64 percent of Millennials strongly disapproved (51%) or somewhat disapproved (13%).

Compare that with GenX, where 50 percent total disapproved, or Boomers, where the President actually had a combined 51 percent approval rating (30% strongly approved; 21% somewhat approved).

The bright spot for Boomers including the president himself? Only 70 percent of Millennials surveyed said they had bothered to register to vote, versus 90 percent of Boomers.