When Southwest Airlines got rid of peanuts on its airplanes, it was the right thing to do. 

There are simply too many people who are allergic now.  Heck, a 10-year-old boy almost died from a nut allergy on an American Airlines flight this year, and he wound up testifying in Washington in May.  

But the peanuts were a symbol for Southwest, and now all we have to remember them by is a memorial--one that as we'll see below, it fell to an airport  to provide. 

Because sometimes even progress requires a moment to mourn. We're all a lot better off that fewer people smoke cigarettes these days, for example. But if you're old enough, there's still a bit of nostalgia that goes along with the smell.

And while I'm looking forward to the day when self-driving cars are the norm, I'm sure I'll occasionally miss the thrill of opening up on the deserted highway.

For that matter it's the same with watching your baby grow up. You're happy that you can now get a few consecutive hours of sleep, perhaps, but you look back wistfully at every passed moment.

Okay, maybe I'm overselling this. But the peanuts basically screamed Southwest, along with its entire zeitgeist of frugality.

"No meals, but we've got some nuts for you." And maybe a singing flight attendant.

As of last Tuesday, they're gone.  But as Southwest told my colleague Chris Matyszczyk when he first reported on this last month, "peanuts forever will be part of Southwest's history and DNA."

And so it fell to one of the most Southwest-ic airports in America, Orlando, to put together a small memorial that passengers would appreciate, and maybe get a laugh out of.

They announced it, since this is 2018, on Twitter.

Result? A couple of thousand retweets and likes, including from Southwest itself.

Not a bad requiem, for a legume.