A decade ago, I quit my new job as a lawyer after only one day. I just knew immediately it wasn't a good fit.

And as I apologetically told my boss (for one day) at the time, the only thing worse than quitting after one day would be quitting after six months.

Who knew I was such a trend-setter?

Because as the U.S. hangs onto one of the lowest unemployment rates in history, employees are quitting jobs without giving a traditional, full, two weeks' notice. Some are just flat out ghosting, according to the Federal Reserve, just disappearing and being "impossible to contact" afterward.

"It's absolutely being directly impacted by the unemployment level, the lack of available talent and the number of positions companies are trying to fill," David Lewis, chief executive of OperationsInc, a national human resources consulting firm, told The Washington Post.

As annoying as this is for employers, I suppose these kinds of employees are doing you a favor: leaving fast, and taking the decision off your plate. Thank God for them. 

Tell them good riddance - in your mind anyway, if you never get to see them again in person. And never stop recruiting; never stop hiring. 

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