Here's an update on the server at Outback Steakhouse who was fired after she fulfilled a $735 order, got no tip, and complained about it on Facebook.

Assembling a large takeout order is not easy work. It doesn't require waiting on tables, but it takes time. And Tamlynn Yoder said the giant order she put together for Christ Fellowship church took the better part of her shift recently, which led to her leaving after work with only $18 in her pocket.

Yoder took to Facebook--and ultimately the megachurch that picked up the $735 order "sans pourboire," as the French say, found itself on the business end of the Internet outrage machine. 

Thus, while it was Outback Steakhouse that fired Yoder, the church was blamed for having put the entire thing in motion--even after they claimed that their failure to tip had been a mistake, and that the only reason they were back in touch with the restaurant was to try and make it right.

Well, it seems they're at least trying to make it right.

Yoder told the Miami Herald that Christ Fellowship made contact with her and made up for the tip she'd missed. She wouldn't tell the media how much she was given, except to say it was more than 20 percent of the $735 bill.

"A few church families came together and gave it to me. It was a very heartwarming situation," Yoder told the newspaper, adding that they also gave her a list of places they believed were hiring, and that she'd spent most of the day yesterday applying for new jobs.

Yoder said she wants to remain in the restaurant industry--and own her own restaurant someday, but that she hasn't heard anything more from Outback since she was fired.

It doesn't seem fair to take someone whose work is compensated mainly by tips, and insist that she work in a position that by definition--or at least, some people's definition, anyway--doesn't allow for tips. But Yoder says that's often what happens.

"I want people to know that it's frustrating to do all this work and not getting paid," she told the Herald.