Last night saw a bit of a boring  Super Bowl (congrats, Pats!), and some pretty wild commercials. 

A few were funny (nice job, Stella Artois), and some were moving (like the one for The Washington Post).

A couple at least were controversial. (Looking at you, ad for Hulu's Handmaid's Tale).

Watching reactions on Twitter and elsewhere, however, there were two true contenders for No. 1 ad of the night.

The runner-up turned out to be a sort of joint venture between Bud Light and HBO, in which a beer commercial turned into a promo for the final season of "Game of Thrones," resulting in a fire-breathing dragon killing off one of Bud Light's pitchmen: the Bud Knight.

I thought I'd be writing about that ad -- but then Burger King managed to pick up the unofficial prize.

Their understated, risky offering: repurposing an almost 40-year-old film of the late Andy Warhol, sitting at a table and eating a Burger King Whopper in near silence.

The clip originally appeared in 1982 in a Danish filmmaker's work, "66 Scenes from America."

After years of trying, Burger King got permission to use it for this year's Super Bowl ad, according to AdAge. It's pretty far afield of anything else Burger King has done recently, but its silence and simplicity made it stand out.

"It's bold. It's risky. It's brilliant," praised Adweek.

I'm not sure if it will sell burgers, but as a branding move it's a winner.

Here's what else I'm reading this morning (bleary-eyed after the game):