I feel like a complainer.

Just recently, I wrote about what I thought was  one of the top fears that airline passengers have these days, given that airline travel is thankfully safer than most other modes of travel.

The fear I came up with was fear of being stuck on an airplane that gets stuck on the tarmac. You hear about these horror stories. Just last week, the federal government fined American Airlines and Delta Air Lines for letting it happen: passengers stuck for hours.

As bad as that is however, I recognize that being delayed for hours is truly a first world problem. Or maybe an American problem.

Worse things happen to people in other parts of the world. Oh, they complain about it often enough, and justifiably so. But then, they roll with it. Maybe they sue, I don't always know.

Case in point: the Air India passenger who tweeted that he found a dead cockroach in his airline meal last month. Better than a live cockroach, I suppose.

But now, a Singapore Airlines passenger may have one-upped the Air India passenger.

Bradley Button, flying from Melbourne, Australia to Wellington, New Zealand, claims he bit into a rice dish he'd been served, only to chomp down on a human tooth.

Not his own, mind you. That would be a different story.

"I threw my guts up," Button told media in Australia. "For the rest of the flight I was not well, just the idea of having someone else's body part in my food is not nice."

For its part, Singapore Airlines issued a statement that's kind of fun to read -- walking that line between trying to be apologetic and suggesting ever-so-slightly that they're not really sure everything is as Button portrays.

Here's the airline's statement, according to The Independent newspaper:

"We sincerely apologise to the customer for this negative experience and for the inconvenience this has caused. We are currently investigating this incident and have sent the object for analysis. Once the results of the analysis are known we will determine what the most appropriate course of action to take is."

Let's give the passenger the benefit of the doubt, at least. It's a truly bizarre and rather disgusting experience that he describes.

You'd have to wonder if there's a airline food service worker somewhere who lost a tooth, and can't figure out what happened to it, for example.

As I wrote last month after reporting on the cockroach incident, for all our complaints about the airlines here in the U.S., I don't recall anyone ever finding a cockroach -- or now a tooth -- in their food.

In fact, you might well read these kinds of stories and find yourself grateful for Delta, United, American and Southwest Airlines. 

Heck, Southwest Airlines doesn't even serve meals. Come to think of it, maybe they're the ones with the right idea.