Stanford University economics professor reports that people who work from home are happier and more successful than their colleagues who work in an office. 

It makes sense, but it means you  either need to own your own business, or you need to convince your employer to let you work from home--or perhaps you need a new job. Perhaps it makes sense then that whenever I write about working from home, I hear from readers who want to know how to get these jobs.

There are tons of them out there, ranging from entry level positions to high-responsibility, six-figure-plus gigs. As a quick sample, here are 11 such currently advertised positions that we found during the past week--at companies ranging from Amazon to Xerox.

They're ranked in order of potential pay, either based on what was mentioned in the job listings themselves, or else in some cases by using estimates from Glassdoor.

Part-time job answering back-to-back calls for worldwide reservations. Open nights, weekends and holidays; flexible schedule required. (Glassdoor salary estimate: $10/hr)

This isn't likely to be the job that gets you rich. At an estimated $10 an hour, and on a part-time schedule, you probably wouldn't even hit the $21,000 annual salary you'll find estimated on Glassdoor. But, if you needed part-time, work-from-home work at an entry level, it could make sense.

Fast-paced, sales driven, inbound call center position performed through a videolink system. Full-time position, with with possible shifts 8 am-8 pm EST, 7 days a week. Bonuses available. (Salary estimate from GlassDoor, $11/hr)

The estimated hourly rate isn't much higher, but the fact that this is a full-time position obviously increases potential annual earnings. 

BrainFuse partners with colleges and universities to provide customizable online tutoring options. They're looking for paper reviewers and live online English tutors. Flexible hours, requires college degree and one year of writing experience. ($12/hr -- credit: The Penny Hoarder)

Again, the potential pay creeps up. At $12 an hour, you're not going to retire young, but if you could pull together 40 hours a week at that rate, you're looking at about $24,000--but without ever having to leave the house.

Customer service representative for new app focused on ticketing for major sporting and music events. College degree, experience with Windows and Zendesk (or other ticketing systems) required. 40 hours a week, 8 hour shifts, work from home. ($15/hr -- credit: The Penny Hoarder)

At this potential salary, working out to roughly $30,000 per year, you'd be earning more than the average 20 to 24-year-old worker in the United States. 

Seeking individuals in FL to act as field recruiters for individuals to participate in a Social Security Administration study. Requires local travel. (Salary estimate from Glassdoor, $15/hr)

The estimated potential salary seems about the same as the previous job, but given the local travel requirement, you should be able to either get reimbursed for mileage or take a tax deduction. Do that right and you should come out ahead. 

Field inbound calls and provide customer service in FL or VA. Requires H.S. degree, GED, or military service experience. (Salary estimate from GlassDoor, $33,000)

According to the job listing, this comes with the potential for medical insurance, paid time off, maternity leave, a retirement plan, and even continuing education. 

Seeking a native British English speaker to conduct energetic online courses. Voice audition required; teaching experience desired. (Salary estimate from GlassDoor, $17.50/hr)

As the salaries increase, of course the job requirements and skills increase, too. They're pretty specific about wanting native British English speakers here. Maybe you can binge watch episodes of The Crown or Downton Abbey to fake it--but I doubt that will work. If you can work out 40 hours a week doing this, you'd hit $35,000 per year.

Responsible for overseeing operations and fiscal matters for Great Au Pair USA. Provides high level customer services and conflict resolution, reporting to the Vice President of Program Operations. (Salary estimate from GlassDoor, $36,000)

I think the key phrases here are "high level customer services" and "conflict resolution. For this kind of position, the estimated pay is good, but it seems like you'll earn it. Of course, you'll be working from home.

9. Xerox Applications Evangelist, Global Imaging Services

Lead the business apps expansion for small and medium businesses. Full time, regular virtual employee; does require travel. (Salary estimate from GlassDoor, $48,000)

This might be more accurately a "don't work in the office" job than a "work from home" job. But the estimated salary looks like it's higher, in order to compensate.

Amazon Web Services is looking to hire consultants with experience in enterprise call centers. Requires 10+ years experience as an IT enterprise architect in customer-facing roles. (Salary estimate by GlassDoor: $113,000)

A caveat on this one: it's a little difficult to find the exact same job on Glassdor, so the estimate here is for a position that seems somewhat similar. Of course, at these higher salary levels, we're probably talking about a range, to be honest--with room for negotiation.

World's #1 CRM is looking for sales-focused individuals in the Financial Services and Health & Life Sciences teams. WFH in CA, CO, GA, MN, NY, TX. (Salary estimate from GlassDoor, $127,000)

Great news: that $127,000 estimated salary is just the base; there's likely to be a significant amount of commission involved, too. It's a sales job, so of course you'd better know how to sell. Yes, it's limited to six states--these jobs are listed largely to give you examples.

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