McDonald's was so proud when they announced Monday that they'd be making some of their hamburgers with fresh beef nationwide, starting in May.

But then, like an annoying little brother who just can't leave you alone, here comes the social media team at Wendy's to give them grief over it. 

Let's set the table first. Wendy's is small compared to McDonald's: roughly 6,500 restaurants, compared to almost 37,000 McDonald's around the world.

And as I pointed out recently, when McDonald's stock suffered it's biggest one-day drop in history last week, you could have bought Wendy's flat out with the loss, and still had a lot of money leftover. 

But the folks who run the Twitter account at Wendy's are pretty much on fire, and have been for some time. They not only troll McDonald's constantly; heck, their team has its own publicist, and they did a a Reddit IAmA session last year.

Their company's entire Super Bowl campaign was basically one long burn against McDonald's about the whole frozen beef thing, using the text from McDonald's own website as fodder. And they've had some pretty good and timely burns over the last year or so, too. 

When McDonald's first said it was serious about this switching-to-fresh thing last year, they had a response online within an hour.

("@McDonalds So you'll still use frozen beef in MOST of your burgers in ALL of your restaurants? Asking for a friend.")

And when McDonald's accidentally tweeted placeholder copy ("Black Friday **** Need copy and link****"), there was Wendy's a few hours later: "When the tweets are as broken as the ice cream machine."

The only posts they have to get approval for, apparently: the ones that roast McDonald's.

So as you might expect, they piled on quickly after the McD's announcement this week, making fun of their competitor because only some McDonald's hamburgers will be made with fresh meat. It didn't help matters that McDonald's happened to have made its announcement on the eve of National Frozen Food Day.

(I know, fake holiday if there ever was one, but it existed before this whole burger thing.)

I'd imagine this was something the Wendy's folks have been waiting to do for a while.