Five years ago today, I wrote a column for about love and entrepreneurship

I heard some great stories, including one from Jacques Bastien, who was then running a social media and creative agency with his girlfriend, Dahcia Lyons. And he came up with an idea.

Let's just quote the last paragraph of that five-year-old column:

"We've been building for the past few years," Bastien explained, and added that he wanted to take this opportunity to make a non-business proposal. So, let me turn it over to him: 

"Dahcia, from the day that I met you, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I am sick and tired of calling you my girlfriend. Will you marry me?"

Luckily for everyone involved, she said yes. 

This week, realizing the milestone, I checked in with them. They're happily married, no kids yet (but they were clear they'd love to be parents).

They've also cycled through a few businesses since then, but they're still working together: now running a talent agency called SHADE, and a photo booth rental company called Snappy.

Oh, and they've also been around the world together, most recently spending four months in Southeast Asia.

"When we got married ... we were broke," Dahcia told me yesterday. "After the wedding, we just rented a hotel for the night. And we promised ourselves that if when were in a better place, we'd start taking honeymoons once a month."

If you're an entrepreneur, you've likely traveled a hard road. But if you're the significant other of an entrepreneur, my hat's off. And thanks for putting up with all of us. Happy Valentine's Day.

Here's what else I'm reading today:

A guy in New Jersey made a mistake

Finally, a mea culpa. Yesterday, I linked to an article about biking to work in the winter, and said it had been "written by a guy in Calgary." Only problem: the author, Cailynn Klingbeil, is a woman.

Besides "sorry," I want to say thanks to two people: Inc. This Morning reader Joyce Byrne, who is group publisher at RedPoint Media in (you guessed it) Calgary, for spotting the error, and Klingbeil herself, with whom I had a nice chat over email, and who sent me a link to this photo of her most recent bike commute.