Entrepreneurs are great problem solvers. Countless successful companies have been created to alleviate (and cash in on) the woes of a particular market. So--with the help of marketing extraordinaire Cal McAllister, CEO of Wexley School for Girls--we thought we'd challenge you, the Inc. readers, to brainstorm fixes to some real world problems. Submit one of favorite answers, and we'll publish your name and your solution in an upcoming issue of Inc. Magazine.

Here's the first challenge:

Saving the Family Photo Album

Ever go to your parent's house and they take out a photo album? That just might go away completely. Today, photos are lost on hard drives and phones and memory cards. Sure, there is scrapbooking and Facebook. But how can we prevent this from being the lost generation of meaningful images? 

How would you approach this problem? What's your best idea? Please email your submission to bgossage@inc.com. Submissions must be received by Wednesday, April 10. Good luck!