While Game of Thrones fans anxiously await the return of the hit TV series on HBO in 2019, one New York-based beer company is here to fill the void, at least through alcohol. 

After all, if fans know one think about Game of Thrones, it's how often their favorite character like to drink wine and ale. 

HBO has teamed up with Brewery Ommegang to create a new beer inspired by Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow.

King in the North is a limited-edition beer, available at select retailers and bars starting on Nov. 23. The stout comes in 750 milliliter bottles, priced at around $13 per bottle. 

"Inspired by Jon Snow, this barrel-aged imperial stout is brewed to sustain a leader through a long, dark night," Brewery Ommegang's website states. "The beer pours jet black with a thick tan head, and has aromas of roasted malt, coffee, and chocolate blend with those of oak, bourbon, and vanilla."

While the character Jon Snow might not be the best example of a successful entrepreneur on the series,  Brewery Ommegang fills that role well considering this isn't the first time the company decided to cater its product directly to fans. 

The brewery sells other Game of Throne beers such as barleywine called Hand of the Queen, a sour blonde blend called Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, and a smoked porter and kriek blend called Mother of Dragons.

Brewery Ommegang is smart in thinking that fans might go into collector mode and want all four Game of Thrones beers. So there is also a gift pack available that includes one 12-ounce bottle of each of the four Royal Reserve Collection beers, as well as a collectible Game of Thrones glass, for $25.

But Brewery Ommegang isn't the only beverage company pandering to geeky fans who love to mix their love for fantasy with their alcohol. 

In 2016, HBO partnered with Vintage Wine Estates of Santa Rosa, California to release to a Game of Thrones-branded Cabernet Sauvignon (a proprietary red blend and a chardonnay). 

Game of Thrones-themed wine makes even more since considering all four houses of Stark, Lannister, Baratheon and Targaryen drink wine to celebrate, seduce, forget and sometimes poison each other.  

Published on: Aug 31, 2018
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