StoogesAt BradsDeals, I've been on a multi-year quest to find us a service that provides easy and affordable integration of payroll, 401k and health care. I'll be chiming in shortly with a more thorough review of my experiences but let me give you one example of why my quest has been so futile.

Despite being two products of the same company, here's how "integration" works between SurePayroll and Sure401k, who, incredibly, remains one of the most attractive options:

1) Employee signs into and adds or changes a contribution. (At this point, we should be done but it won't be that easy!)
2) Employee prints out totally redundant paperwork and submits to employer.
3) Employer logs in to Sure401k and confirms the change.
4) Employer is then instructed to login separately to SurePayroll and manually transpose (in 2009?) the figures because Sure401k is unable to pass this data to SurePayroll. This wastes a ton of time and exposes the process to an unnecessary margin of error.

There is no excuse for this not being a one-step process.