Because I'm: (a) introspective; (b) analytical; (c) for some reason love quizzes and stupid online tests; and (d) very neurotic, I tend to assess where my life stands far too often (which makes Yom Kippur even more boring because I've already done all the self-examination you're supposed to do to help fill the time and forget how hungry you are).

But if you're like me and enjoy dumb online quizzes, and if you're, again, like me and in your 40s, here's a quiz to help pass the time (pick as many answers as you want for each question).

  1. Are you living the life you envisioned for yourself when you were young and stupid?
    1. No and it's really disappointing
    2. No - thank God
    3. Yes - and it's all worked out as well as I had hoped
    4. Yes - I can't believe how dumb I was to actually follow a plan formed at a time in my life when I was drunk most of the time
    5. My life has evolved and my plans have too. What I wanted then is immaterial.
  2. Do your relationships give you joy and meaning?
    1. Yes - I can't even imagine life without my spouse/partner and kids
    2. No - what a pain in the ass. I would have been happier single and free
    3. Sometimes - my friends are easy because there's no guilt or obligation; my extended family is sometimes comforting, sometimes a pain; my spouse/partner and kids are great overall but any intense relationship can be tough at any given moment
  3. Do you enjoy and get meaning from your work?
    1. Yes - it's interesting, has meaning, and I like my colleagues
    2. Sometimes - but mainly, it pays the bills
    3. I hate it - my boss is an asshole and the work is tedious
    4. Most of the time - but it's a job and there's a reason they call it work
  4. Are you healthy?
    1. Yes - I don't smoke, I exercise, eat right, get enough sleep, go to the doctor
    2. Who's to say? I do my best but when our number is called, it's called
    3. No - I like steak, ice cream and booze too much to be truly healthy
    4. It's like everything - on some levels yes, some no
  5. Do you feel some sense of community/ structure/ giving back?
    1. Yes - I volunteer, am involved in different institutions and go to church
    2. Sort of - I do some good stuff, help out at my kids' school sometimes, but I don't like organized religion (can you blame me?)
    3. No - the more connected we are, the more alone I feel
  6. Do you have what you want/ need materially?
    1. Yes - I can meet my needs and keep my expectations realistic
    2. Yes - I have more money than I need, even after buying a lot of stupid shit no one needs
    3. No - everything is too expensive and it's hard to make ends meet no matter how hard I work
    4. No - I have what I need but I always want the stuff I see on tv that no one can afford because it's tv and not real life but I still want it anyway
  7. Do you enjoy basic freedoms, rights and other things we all take for granted?
    1. Yes - I forget it most days but I'm lucky to live in the U.S. and be able to say what I want, vote how I want, practice the religion I want and mainly do what I want
    2. No - I have what I need but too many others don't and we're not free till we're all free
    3. I did before Trump was elected

The right answers.

Are you kidding me? The one thing I've learned in my 43 years is that no one knows anything and there's no single right answer for anyone.

Actually, the other thing I've learned is that while there are no right answers, the more you can be thoughtful and introspective about where things stand, the more you can then adjust your behavior, try to correct the mistakes, appreciate what's good (and express it), and keep evolving. And for me at least, that's more than enough (other than wanting a house like they had on Big Little Lies).

For me, the answers are:

  1. 3 and 5
  2. 1 and 3
  3. 1 and 4
  4. 1 and 3
  5. 1, except the organized religion piece other than the High Holidays
  6. 1 and 4
  7. 1