Society Awards is the fast-growing business behind nearly every major entertainment award trophy, including the Emmy, Golden Globe, BET Award, Billboard Music Award, and the MTV Moon Person. It also creates trophies, plaques, and medals for brands and organizations. By capturing a large share of a niche market, Society Awards lands on the Inc. 5000 for the sixth time. CEO and Founder David Moritz credits success to aesthetic taste, artistic talent, and exceptional customer service.

“There are many companies that offer awards. There’s your local trophy shop. There are companies that offer awards off the shelf and those that cobble together custom awards when asked,” Moritz explains. “But there is no one that has ever put the entire package together as a luxury brand with a high-end customer service experience from start to finish the way we have.”


Moritz launched the business in 2007 while studying to become an entertainment lawyer. He owned a few college bars, as well--evidence of an innate entrepreneurial drive. When a friend in promotional products mentioned the industry lacked a high-end awards company, Moritz saw an opportunity to build “a better mousetrap from the ground up.”

From the beginning, Moritz set out to deliver a luxury customer experience. You can’t do that without process and strategy. Although their job is to create sculpture, there is still a right and wrong way to do things, he explains. Thirteen years later, Society Awards is in “a league of its own”--an industry leader known for both high-end products and service.


Combining art and process fuels consistent growth, even in 2020. While COVID led to some postponed and canceled projects, the business still increased revenue. More importantly, the team had an opportunity to show its strength and give back to the community. In support of Black Lives Matter, Society Awards donated $100,000 in cash and product to the NAACP, a longtime client. They also partnered to create a scholarship fund for students interested in pursuing commercial art. When Society Awards procured PPE from production partners in China, it offered it at cost to medical facilities and offices. As a result, the governor of Oklahoma declared Society Awards an essential business so it could continue to provide PPE as well as uninterrupted service for clients.

Going forward, Moritz plans to expand head count, invest in facilities, and build the brand into a household name. He is particularly excited about a new collection of sculptural designs that are ready to ship and could be used as trophies or pieces of art. He adds that while process and rigor are important, the team will never lose sight of their work’s purpose. “We are creating manifestations of important milestones in people’s lives and careers,” he says. Whether they are honoring a public servant, a dentist, or a world-famous actor or singer, “each shipment is going to somebody who is going to feel honored, respected, valued, and possibly much more.”