When it comes to marketing, you want to be visible where your customer base is most active, and with Facebook attracting 1.32 billion daily visitors (including 79 percent of all Americans), it is a pretty solid bet that your audience is spending a significant amount of time on the social network. 

Apart from identifying where your customer base is spending time online, it is also important to make sure that when you do have their attention, you are connecting with them in a meaningful way.. at the right time, in the right language, and presenting the right content in your updates.

Luckily, Facebook's News Feed Targeting options provide business owners a variety of settings when updating their Facebook Page, which I will go into more detail on below. 

News Feed Targeting

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First off, in order to find the News Feed Targeting options, you will want to click the Public drop down option from any post you are creating. Once you click on the drop down menu, you will be presented two additional options; Restricted Audience and News Feed Targeting. 

Once inside the News Feed Targeting menu, you can select specific Locations, even at the city level, so that your updates will only be shown the selected Locations. 

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The benefit to picking specific locations for your updates, is that you can make sure that specific segments of your audience are able to see your updates at the most ideal time, which you can determine by checking your insights for engagement levels. 

Once you have your Locations selected, you can pick an ideal time for your audience when you schedule your post. 

Timing isn't the only consideration when it comes to updating on Facebook, and luckily the News Feed Targeting options can help to solve other important considerations. 

Demographics for instance can be very important for your marketing efforts, as well as segmenting your audience by specific interests, so your ads can be super focused.

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For many businesses, language can also be super important to connect with their audiences and News Feed Targeting can solve for that as well, allowing you to serve language specific updates based on your audiences default language selection.

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Two other areas of targeting you can control through News Feed Targeting options are Relationship Status and Education Level, which would be worth testing even if they are not direct factors in your marketing efforts. 

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It doesn't happen often, but in some scenarios you may want to block certain people from ever being able to see your update. 

Facebook's Restricted Audience option allows you to block based on Age and Location, which can be helpful in scenarios where you might be running a contest that only specific people can enter based on where they are located or when your updates might not be appropriate for younger audiences. 

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In a world were more personalized marketing results in higher conversions and ROI, utilizing the News Feed Targeting, Restricted Audience, and Scheduling options provides you a lot of options and power when it comes to the success of your Facebook updates.