For many years, the idea of selling products directly through social media was unheard of.

Recently however, social media has matured and not only are products more accepted today, there are social media sites that thrive on product updates, like Pinterest and Instagram.

Pinterest and Instagram aside, I wanted to introduce you to an opportunity which you may not have been aware of; selling products on Reddit.

Reddit Ads

Reddit's Ad system is similar to other Ad systems, but there are a couple key things to consider when using Reddit Ads to sell your products:

  • Focus on creating individual ads for each SubReddit, as each SubReddit has its own unique rules.

  • Create your ad copy like it was a regular submission. Each SubReddit has set a standard for how posts should be crafted and you want to make sure your Ad fits into the standards of the SubReddit so users will be more likely to accept it.

  • Consider using a Self Post format when running Ads. It invites more discussion and shows you are interested in truly engaging with the audience on Reddit.

Product Focused SubReddits

It's pretty well known that of all the Social Media sites out there, Reddit is probably the last place you want to just submit a product directly into one of the many SubReddits, but the reality is there are a large number of SubReddits that are looking for only products to be submitted.

Here are some of the SubReddits where Redditors are expecting and appreciate the products you post for them.

  • /r/ThriftStoreHauls
  • /r/Frugal
  • /r/ecycle
  • /r/Barter  
  • /r/BookHaul
  • /r/DVDCollection
  • /r/Flipping
  • /r/TheArtifice
  • /r/VintageTees
  • /r/muglife
  • /r/frugalmalefashion  
  • /r/FrugalFemaleFashion
  • /r/DiscountedProducts
  • /r/MakeupAddiction
  • /r/deals
  • /r/DealsReddit
  • /r/shutupandtakemymoney

Selling Through Comments

Anytime you are posting products in a comment, you really need to be careful it doesn't turn into spam, but that doesn't mean you cannot find good opportunities to post products in comments on Reddit.

Quite often there are in-depth discussions where people are asking for recommendations or looking for specific products, in which case it makes perfect sense to post your product.

Sometimes offbeat products can be posted and be successful, even when a product was not requested.

A few years ago, someone posted a very cute video of a martial arts instructor playing around with a student, when all of a sudden the student's brother comes over and punches the instructor in defense of his sister.

In the comments, someone else posts a GIF of a mother Hogzilla protecting her baby when a man tries to grab it playfully.

The comments on the thread quickly turned to discussing Hogzillas (abnormally large hogs) and how they are such a problem that hunting parties are often put together to help eliminate them.

Perfect time, situation, and point in the conversation for a product link, which in this case sent people to Heligunner, a company dedicated to Helicoptor Hog Hunting and Redditors accepted, appreciated and complimented the link.

AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

AMAs, also know as Ask Me Anything, are a sort of interview format discussion, where someone with any knowledge of interest to the community will dedicate themselves to answering any questions asked of them.

Although we often see these of celebrities, politicians, and people of high interest, some of the most popular AMAs ever held where by normal everyday people. In some cases, like the famous Vaccum Repairman AMA (there have been multiple at this point by the same guy and all super popular) and the Beef Jerky example below, people were able to turn their AMAs into product discussions that lead to quite a lot of sales.

In a moment of frustration, /u/collinisballn posted a question in the popular /r/AskReddit community, asking why beef jerky was so expensive.

The most popular response came from /u/timothyjwood, whose parents happened to own a beef jerky company, detailing the process and why beef jerky ends up being so expensive.

A quick request from /u/unoriginalusername for a discount and a new thread was born offering Reddit users an exclusive discount on his family's beef jerky product.

However, the topic didn't stop there. As it often happens when expertly discussing something of interest, another Redditor asked /u/timothyjwood to host an AMA to continue the discussion.

When all was said in done, /u/timothyjwood had managed to have three very successful discussions around his parent's company, all the while offering exclusive discount codes to all Redditors who wanted to purchase their beef jerky.

The results? Well /u/timothyjwood was actually kind enough to share the sales that came from Reddit. They made an amazing $28,446 in sales from these three Reddit posts, without spending a dime.

So the next time you're looking for a new and unique opportunity to market your products, give Reddit a shot.