Even the most successful people seem to crave the seemingly endless amounts of content regarding productivity - how to get more done with less time. And in an age of relentless disruption. And while the following tips don't just relate to Monday, I have found over the years that if you can get Monday right, the rest of the week can run a bit more smoothly.

There will always be unforeseen circumstances, but I believe preparation trumps planning every time. Don't get me wrong, planning is very much a part of preparedness. But those who are well-prepared, can adapt and capitalize on change.

Here are 10 ways successful people master productivity - for Monday, and their lives in general. 

They have discipline.
They start planning Monday on Friday.
They embody a winning mindset.
They Know What to Stop, Start and Continue.
eat the elephant on bite at a time
They multitask wisely.
They focus on what matters.
They use the appropriate technology.
Embrace the suck.
Work on the plane.
Leave gaps in your schedule.

The principles of productivity are simple, but not always easy to follow. We get distracted. We act without discipline. We don't hold ourselves accountable. Through consistent action, productive behaviors can become habits - and those habits drive actions and results.

Get on it!