Being an entrepreneur is more of a lifestyle than a career choice. As an entrepreneur you are constantly pushing yourself, pushing the boundaries and chasing after that next big thing.

While being an entrepreneur has its rewards, it also has its downsides. It can be unpredictable and at times and at some point along the way, most experience feelings of being stuck, lost and confused about how to go on.

One of the main reasons for this is that most entrepreneurs get caught up in chasing the dream or chasing that next big idea, and while this can be great for a little while, over time it can become extremely tiring and disheartening.

Not all great ideas work out, and this can lead to entrepreneurs feeling burnt out or lacking inspiration or motivation.

Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs and while it's easy to rise the ups, it's not so easy to ride the downs. That is where being mindful can help.

Recently I sat down with Tanaaz Chubb, the creator of and the author of The Power of Positive Energy to find out how she helps entrepreneurs and others to stay in the flow when things are not always going to plan.

Here are my top 4 takeaways-

1. Discover Your True Motivation

One of the fastest way entrepreneurs get burnt out is when they do things for the wrong reasons, such as money, fame or to impress others. While this strategy can be ok in the short term, in the long term it can harm your reputation but get you pulled off track.

As Tanaaz shares, "Most people become entrepreneurs because they have a great idea and they want to bring that idea to life. While there is nothing wrong with doing things for money so you can get by, the problem occurs when this becomes your only focus and motivation. If you are only motivated by money or fame, very quickly you are going to find yourself burnt out and feeling empty. It is far more satisfying to do things for yourself and to do things for the right reasons, whatever that means for you."

2. Honor Your Failures

It is easy to get side tracked by your failures as an entrepreneur and to blame or beat yourself up for your mistakes, but a simple shift in perspective can make all the difference. Instead of viewing your failures as disasters and things you should be embarrassed about, consider looking at them as valuable learning opportunities. Some of the biggest failures often also lead to the greatest successes, and by thinking positively it allows you to see the truth in this.

As Tanaaz states, "being grateful for every experience, without judging it or judging yourself, can help you to focus on the positives of the situation. Failure is part of the process and when it does happen, embracing it and honouring yourself, rather than fighting against it can make it far more manageable."

3. Learn to Trust Your Instincts

One of the best recipes for a successful business is learning to trust your instincts. While it is of course necessary to look at the facts and figures as well, using your intuition to guide you can help you to make decisions quicker and with less mental strain.

Tanaaz believes that we all have an intuition; we just need to learn to train it like a muscle. She shares, "practices like meditation and stilling your mind and tuning into that inner voice can help you connect to that intuition we all have."

Many great entrepreneurs have used their intuition to make some of the most radical and life changing moves for their business. While strengthening your intuition won't happen overnight, in time it could become one of your most valuable assets.

4.) Feel Successful Right Now

Most entrepreneurs get caught chasing success, but the reality is that success is more of a state of mind than something that is tangible. While most of us equate success to money, this is actually a false belief.

If we have the attitude of "chasing" success, we will forever find ourselves stuck in the chase.

"Even when you reach the milestone, you are going to simply want more and more. This is just the way the human mind is programmed, unless we can change the pattern. Instead of believing you will be successful when you reach a particular milestone, start feeling successful right now. Focus on all the things that make you feel successful now and in turn, this will help you to create more success. When you feel successful with what you have right now, your life also becomes far more enjoyable and less about the "pursuit" and more about the 'having'", says Tanaaz.

So, while these 4 tips may be different to the ones you are used to hearing, by applying them to your entrepreneurial tool belt and even to your life, they can help you to truly thrive on every level.