Lets be honest, a lot of people getting involved in blockchain are trying for the quick "profits" that people have been making over the last 8-10 months with cryptocurrencies and ICOs. But if you aren't clued in on the tech then you are missing something big. It's much bigger than the money. And even if your intentions are only with the cryptocurrencies then you still need to pay attention to what I'm about to say.

Remember a guy named Bill Gates that started a small software company called Microsoft that went on to control as much as 95% of the operating system marketing in the world?

Do you know how they became so popular?

Microsoft got to become a company worth $568 billion based on the fact that everyone under the sun loved their platform and wanted to develop applications for their platform.

The same goes with Apple, Facebook, and even Google for that matter. They all were able to build a platform that others could then innovate and develop on top of. You needed the platform to build from to get that big. Apple would never be as big as it is today without their App Store and iTunes.

Well, Ethereum is doing the same thing. Every expert, developer, engineer, entrepreneur, and smart person that I have ever talked to agrees that calling the founder Vitalik Buterin a genius would be an understatement.

He literally created the next hottest technology in the world and positioned it as the best platform to build on top of. ICOs are a single use case. There are literally thousands more use cases and apps being developed or deployed as I write this.

The amount of talent, entrepreneurship, and intelligence involved proves without a doubt that this movement is more than just a fad.

But we can't ignore ICOs. Initial Coin Offering have literally flipped the venture capital industry on its head. ICOs have raised more money than the entire venture capital industry in the last few months. And this is just the first use case for Ethereum. That's a pretty strong first at-bat.

The skeptics have said that Ethereum can't possibly maintain this track record. They said that the next use case would probably not make it. Wrong again they were.

Recently the first Ethereum ICO unicorn, OmiseGo (OMG), happened. It went from a $25 million dollar ICO advised by Vitalik Buterin and Dr. Gavin Wood themselves to an Ethereum unicorn (billion dollar market cap) in a few short months. Yes, Ethereum has given birth to another unicorn blockchain company.

Omise (pronounced "oh-mah-say" which stands for "store" in Japanese) most recently partnered with McDonalds Thailand to be their cryptocurrency payment processor.

At the end of the day the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg would have to be proud of what Ethereum has built. It's following in their footsteps by creating a decentralized platforms for (decentralized) apps, called dApps. If history serves with these iconic platforms, we know that the story doesn't slow down anytime soon for Ethereum.

Ethereum is slated to launch several updates in the coming months which will give them new features like the ability to process transactions at VISA like speeds. This makes cryptocurrency more usable in the real world as it can potentially handle 1000s of transactions a second.

Published on: Sep 28, 2017
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