If you thought superheroes were only a thing of comic books and movies, you were wrong.

It turns out that startups need superheroes, too.

How else do you think entrepreneurs build billion dollar companies with world-class products?

I realized early on that if I wanted to create super companies, I needed to surround myself with super people. Individuals who have their unique super powers that would help build and defend my startup.

Here is a list of superhero archetypes you should recruit for your perfect startup team so you can build a fast-growing company like I did:

1. Professor Xavier

Every startup needs a mastermind. The professor is the great strategist who thinks 20 moves ahead and knows what you (and your competitors) are thinking at all times.

You won't win a chess match against Professor X. His intelligence transcends your startup's vertical and he can inspire followers who will carry out his strategy.

The professor is not just a master strategist; he is an expert manipulator. As long as you are on his good side, then you reap the rewards.

The great Steve Jobs is a perfect example of your startups Professor Xavier.

2. Wolverine

He is rough around the edges, and when he breaks his claws out, he's relentless.

Wolverine recovers quickly from any setbacks and goes right back to battle. He is your startup's hustler that will do anything to get the job done.

In a world where nobody wants to put in the work, Wolverine is your relentless action-taker that never takes no for an answer and will claw through anything in his way.

Richard Branson, known for being a wild entrepreneur, is your startup's Wolverine.

3. Wonder Woman

She is an icon of feminism and stands up for equality. She can see through the nonsense and can get the "honest" truth out of anyone, in any situation.

She provides assurance that nobody is going to rip off your startup. If anyone tries, she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and fight for what she believes.

Jessica Alba has become the startup world's Wonder Woman since the start of her company The Honest Co.

4. Ironman

Ironman is well polished, innovative, incredibly smart, and knows how to leverage technology.

He is not just your typical tech nerd, though. He loves the spotlight and is great at getting press attention.

Ironman is an invaluable asset to your startup because of his out of the box intelligence, and his ability to suit up and go to battle when required.

Ironman is your startup's Elon Musk for his innovation, intelligence, and drive.

5. Superman

Clark Kent, better known as 'Superman,' is an absolute must-have for your startup.

He is (almost) unstoppable and is always saving the day. He goes to incredible lengths to stop the asteroid from crashing into your startup's planet.

Mild mannered by day, "man of steel" by night. This versatile individual will be able to see (through) things coming, take a bullet for you when needed and solve any problem in the nick of time.

Suit wearing entrepreneur by day, basketball jersey wearing Dallas Maverick's owner by night. Mark Cuban is your startup's superman.

6. Ace Ventura Pet Detective

I know, not exactly a superhero. But who else is going to treat your startup like their own puppy?

Ace is the goofy guy who is always following some wild theory in the name of solving a problem. Although his ideas seem far-fetched, and his mouth gets him in his fair share of trouble, he's usually right and eventually solves the problem.

Ace has a way of getting people fired up and rallying nontraditional troops to aid in his journey.

Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary gets the title of Ace for his big mouth that, love it or hate it, is usually right.

7. Yoda

Yoda is your startup's Chairman of the Board-- or a high-level advisor. He has many lifetimes of experience, and he can envision the future.

He's one of the most potent visionaries in the land, and he is extremely well respected.

Yoda is an exceptionally well-balanced individual who will answer your questions with questions and never tell you what to do. He will help you see the light and steer you away from the dark side.

Warren Buffet gets called the Yoda of entrepreneurship for his incredible wisdom and lifetime of success.

Assemble your superhero team, you must!

Teamwork is the greatest super power of all. If you have an elite team, but they can't work together, then your startup is doomed.

It's your job to assemble the team and find the perfect balance of these individuals that work best for your company.

"These people are isolated, unbalanced, but together they can become something more."--Nick Fury, Marvel Universe

Published on: Jun 16, 2016
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