When it comes to work-life balance, there are two industries that tend to challenge this far beyond the rest: entertainment and entrepreneurship.

Any entrepreneur will tell you that running your own business or building a company is a 24/7, 365 day job that demands more of you than anything else you've ever felt in your entire life. Similarly, you do not become an award-winning musician, actor, or entertainment star without being able to endure the demands of the industry.

The challenge, then, is in figuring out how to navigate those tumultuous waters, still become successful, but preserve yourself in the process.

I recently sat down with Wyclef Jean, Grammy Winning musician, to talk about daily routines, productivity, and the importance of positive habits. If there was anyone who could give some insight into why these things are vitally important, it would be him.

Here are the 3 daily routines he has implemented into his life--and why:

1. Make time to work out.

"I love CrossFit and Gymnastics," he said. "It's a way for me to turn off my mind and get the energy moving in my body."

Wyclef isn't the first to speak highly of the importance of physical health. For him, this time is his and his only, and helps to separate from the demands in the rest of his life. Furthermore, if you don't make the time to take care of your body, at some point your body will start working against you--and that will lead to much bigger issues down the line.

Better to be proactive than reactive.

2. Meditation is key.

A growing trend in western cultures, more and more people are starting to realize the power of meditation--and its impact on personal health and daily life.

"I meditate every day," said Wyclef. "This is my greatest productivity secret, and one that took me some real time to learn."

The key to medication is to be patient with yourself. It's not about "doing" as much as not-doing, and for driven western societies this seems counter-intuitive. However, it's this time away from the daily grind that ends up making the time you spend working that much more productive--and often times, fulfilling.

3. Dedicate Sundays to family.

A great reminder for all of us to remember what is most important in life: the people we care most about.

"The real secret to maximum productivity is balance," said Wyclef. "You have to find a way to achieve work-life balance. For me, I dedicate my Sundays to my family. I don't go near the studio on Sundays, and my phone is off," said Wyclef.

For many of us, the thought of being that detached for an entire day is scary. But it's also that same fear that should be a sign of just how far out of alignment we can get, obsessing over things that could, in all honesty, wait until Monday.

Achieving work-life balance is not something that happens overnight. It's also not something that is "completed" and then you're done forever. It is a constant work in progress, a daily habit, and the minute you stop practicing it, you're right back to square one.