Wouldn't it be great if you had a massive, rabidly loyal following that would support you in every way imaginable?

It's 2011, and I'm in Los Angeles sitting in the living room of a mentor of mine, actor Andy McPhee, and I have an epiphany--

Why on earth am I pursuing a career as an actor?

I'm good at it, but it does not move me the same way it does Andy. Being an entrepreneur and inspiring others is what resonates with me most.

After all, I have been an entrepreneur since I was 16 years old. I have truly loved every second of it. I know that I'm great at it.

So why was I pursuing acting, which I enjoyed the art of, but disliked many other elements of?

After realizing I was done acting, and that I couldn't sing like Justin Bieber, prank people like Roman Atwood, or snap selfies like Kim Kardashian-- I realized I needed to find new inspiration.

Lewis Howes, a former pro athlete, turned infamous lifestyle entrepreneur who has created a top 50 Podcast, and a NY Times, WSJ, USA Today Best Selling book, gave me that inspiration.

Lewis, who is also an Inc.com columnist, is giving true value by bringing mindfulness to and inspiring greatness in all of his loyal followers.

With my newfound inspiration in hand, I then set out on a journey to rediscover myself as an entrepreneur. I have learned many lessons from Lewis along the way--

How to replicate The Lewis Howes Effect:

1. Don't Worry About Appealing to Everyone

Would you rather have a huge following that sort of likes your work out or a die-hard following that loves everything you are about?

This is the difference between a good following and a great following.

You don't have to appeal to every fan all the time. In fact, you can't.

Focus on appealing to a 20 percent segment of your total audience with everything you do. This is how you gather die-hard fans.

2. Practice the Inevitability of Success Mindset

With an anything-is-possible success mindset, your fans will believe in you more because you believe in yourself more.

Remove words and phrases such as "try" or "might work" or "if it happens" from your vocabulary.

Instead, be firm. Don't try to start a business, start a business and believe in it unconditionally. If you don't believe in yourself, your following will not believe in you either.

3. Choose Your Outlet and Build Your Authority

Lewis picked Webinars, and he dominated the market.

Other choices could be a blog, a podcast, a newsletter, a YouTube show, etc. Pick one to start with.

A great outlet will allow you to:

  • Build a following
  • Generate leads
  • Provide genuine value
  • Connect personally with followers
  • Sell premium products

Lewis now speaks all over the world. He holds his own events, speaks at other's events and does online events.

As you build authority, adding additional outlets helps further grow your following.

4. Network with the Best of the Best

Lewis has interviewed a lot of incredible people on his podcast, which, by the way, is a favorite on iTunes.

Guests include Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Russell Simmons, Daymond John and other rock stars across various industries.

This strengthens his authority and is the perfect outlet to facilitate networking with other high-level individuals who gain reciprocal value.

5. Write a Book and Reach Best Seller Lists

Lewis wrote a hit book called The School of Greatness.

This, like the podcast, helped to propel him further and establish more authority all while building new fans and followers.

Once you reach a critical mass of followers that can see your mark in the world, it makes it easier to sell a ton of books.

6. Sell Great Products

When you sell something so valuable to your audience that they forever love you for it, you have created a great product, and subsequently a great brand. That's the difference between 'good' and 'great.'

If you sell an "average" product to your audience, you've lost them.

Case in point: Lewis' book flew off of shelves because it was catered perfectly to his loyal following.

7. Make Them Remember You for Being Great

People aren't following Lewis because he's fear mongering or using negative tactics. Everything he does is extremely positive and inspiring.

He's done this by being mindful and by providing great value coupled with positive marketing and brand building.

This genuine 'conscious business' approach to inspiring greatness in others, helps build a loyal following of mindful people who continue the cycle.

These lessons have helped me set my sights on new goals, and they have inspired greatness in me as well. I hope to share and pass along that greatness with my fans and with the fans of the brands I am building.